How to deal with a long queue of customers?

Long queues
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Unsuccessful in dealing with long queues? Who would want to keep their customers waiting? 

In order to alter the perceived waiting period, you have to make queues enjoyable to increase the efficiency of customer service.

Queuing time is the wait time a customer spends waiting on the premises to avail of the product and services until provided with the requested information and help.

One of the major problems customers are facing while taking services in the growing business is waiting for long hours in queues. This might cause a loss of customers to a business and customers have to choose to take services from a competitor. There are some ways to deal with a long queue efficiently and effectively such as making use of a digital queue management solution and reducing response duration.

Furthermore, read on in detail if you desire to keep your customers happy and manage queues.

Tips to manage and reduce waiting time

Make Use of queuing management system

A system will help to access all the information from the centralized database. So that calls can be made quickly.  Additionally, it will aid to automate many of the operations such as call processing, and save valuable time.

Simultaneously, it will help upgrade systems and leverage the new technology for a better customer experience. 

Make the queuing process fair

Customers just want that the entire process must be equitable and fair. Therefore create a first come, first out the procedure to eliminate checkout delays and make the long lines move lightning quickly.

Inform the wait duration period to the customers

Well-managed queues can reduce customer anxiety and frustration. It is very important to clearly mention how many minutes or hours customers have to wait. If the customer already knows about the waiting period, then it seems that customers are less likely to become impatient.

Furthermore, businesses also have to stick to the stated wait time so that customers will cooperate with the queues.

Providing entertainment stuff to the customers in a queue

Wait time is the opportunity to engage more with the customers. Make sure customers have some good things to do while waiting such as video displays of new products, reading magazines and journals, and fun quizzes.

Provide customer feedback forms to fill up. So, customers feel valued and cooperate with the long queues.

Set up a self-service kiosk

A self-service kiosk is the best alternative where customers can check in on their own and access the product and services. It reduces the burden of the staff in managing the queues and lessens the workload. It allows the customers to handle their registration. Additionally, it will aid in the reduction of both time and operational costs.

Have a separate cabin for complex purchases

Customers who have complicated issues and require more time to resolve them such as exchanges and returns will create bottlenecks in the queue. And, it leads to more frustration for the customers who are waiting for long hours.

So considering the concern, a special line for customers who have a complex purchase transaction should be there.

Faster service time

Staff are somewhat familiar with the customer information to whom they are helping leads to serve the customer more quickly. Customers can check in through the queue system and fill in the required information. This keeps the customer busy and reduces their assumed wait period.

The end result is faster response time and improved customer satisfaction.

Give the option to do online appointment scheduling

There are different ways to offer scheduling such as online scheduling, representatives taking scheduling details over the call, or customers using the self-service kiosk and selecting the available time slot.

Online appointment booking is the easiest way, through this customers need not wait for long hours on-premises.

As a result, the staff can deal well with the customers, better optimize resources, and reduce unexpected customers that cause crowds. In addition, it will help to increase the efficiency that customers are being served on time.

Have more facts at your fingertips

Are you getting too many customer queries and want to solve them as quickly as possible?

Giving a quick and first response would be preferable. This will happen if you already have the information regarding the customer at your fingertips to solve the concern much faster.

Instead of trying to dig out all the customer details from different sources, you can use a queue system to track all your past interactions with customers. This allows you to get straight on the concern with no delays. 


One of the vital aspects of customer service is to manage the queues effectively and efficiently. It helps to improve customer satisfaction and build a brand reputation at the same time.

Long queues of customers can be complicated to deal with. Therefore, considering the mentioned ways like queue management systems and making the queuing process fair to reduce waiting times and improve the customer experience.

Kevin Peter