How to Deliver Cyber Security Awareness Training to Your Employees?

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If you want to learn about Cyber Security Course In Hyderabad, you can take some cyber security courses. There are several programs and certifications available that will help you to become a professional. These courses usually involve technical skills and programming knowledge. The courses are usually certification-aligned and start with introductory skills and then advance to more advanced cyber security technologies. These courses are often taught by professors who have had a hands-on experience with various start-up companies.

Mimecast Awareness Training

Mimecast Awareness Training is a new approach to cyber security training. It provides employees with interactive and engaging content based on the expertise and experience of cybersecurity experts. The cloud-based training solution offers a single user interface to administer security awareness training to employees around the world. This means that no matter where an employee is located, they are never too far away from the latest cyber security threats and best practices.

Mimecast’s online cyber security awareness training module is made up of a series of short, easy-to-understand modules. Each module can be completed in as little as three to five minutes during a break. The modules cover a variety of topics, such as ransomware, phishing, and compliance. The content is highly entertaining and geared toward the average employee. Users can subscribe to receive new content monthly and are encouraged to share their experiences with other users.


MindMajix is an online learning platform that offers comprehensive cyber security training. Their courses are up-to-date and reflect industry standards and technologies. The training emphasizes real-world examples and clear explanations of complicated concepts.

With over 400 IT courses to choose from, Mindmajix provides a wide range of options to meet your learning needs. Courses are available for individuals and corporate groups, and fees are flexible. Mindmajix also offers lifetime access to recorded video sessions.

Elevate Security Platform

With Elevate Security’s cyber security training solution, you can automate security controls, reduce the human attack surface, and provide personalized feedback to employees on their security habits and behavior. The platform integrates employee security data from multiple cybersecurity tools to create personalized feedback. It can even identify risky users.

The Elevate Security platform combines user education with behavioral science to create cyber security training that improves security awareness. Each employee is assigned a Security Reputation Score, which is a measure of how secure their behaviors are. These scorecards are created based on behavior patterns, and they are updated every month. This platform also integrates with hundreds of enterprise solutions to measure cybersecurity risk and provide personalized actions to reduce it.

Texas by Texas (TxT)

Texas by Texas (TxT) cyber protection training is now mandatory for state and local government employees. The law requires local governments to submit a form certifying training completion. It also creates an account for technology improvement and modernization that will be used to improve state agency information resources and cybersecurity projects. This new law also requires Texas agencies to have cyber security support and network security.

The DIR has recently developed a self-reporting application called Texas by Texas (TxT). The application will allow cities to self-report their training compliance, and DIR will send a detailed report to the city. Once cities complete the TxT application, they will need to submit an acknowledgement form to the DIR by June 15.


The KnowBe4 cyber security training platform is a web-based training tool that helps protect your organization from ransomware attacks and phishing scams. It has two components: a virtual training environment and interactive training exercises. KnowBe4 has been used by over 35,000 organizations across the globe to build security awareness and train employees how to avoid and protect themselves from cyber threats. The platform has won several awards and is a tried-and-true training method.

KnowBe4’s security awareness training platform is easy to use and manage. It supports both in-house and licensed corporate training content. You can even upload your own SCORM-compliant content and track the results of your security awareness training campaigns. It also features a Virtual Risk Officer feature and Advanced Reporting, which will provide you with the most accurate view of the effectiveness of your security training program.

CyberArk Course in Hyderabad

Brolly Academy offers CyberArk Course in Hyderabad to both beginners and experienced professionals. The curriculum focuses on real-world projects and scenarios. Students learn from certified professionals who have over eight years of experience in the field. Students can choose from classroom training, video course, or online training. The course includes project-based learning and hands-on labs. Brolly Academy also offers career counseling and placement assistance to its students.

CyberArk is a popular information security software that protects confidential and sensitive accounts from malware attacks and hackers. CyberArk courses teach students how to use the software and how to secure their online accounts and systems. This software is used by many companies in the financial, healthcare, and government sectors.

CyberArk Online Training in Hyderabad is led by certified domain experts. The curriculum is updated regularly to reflect industry standards. The CyberArk certification is recognized globally and is linked to a professional resume. If you are planning to enter the field of cybersecurity, you should consider attending CyberArk course in Hyderabad.

A CyberArk course in Hyderabad can be the next step in your career. It is a high-demand career path and offers high salary packages.

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