How To Design The Perfect Open-Plan Home

modern window design
modern window design
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A floor plan that utilizes large, open spaces and minimizes the use of small and enclosed rooms is called an open plan. Traditionally, open plans are primarily used in office spaces and companies. But, over recent years, interior designers have been using open plans in homes to create an idea of large spaces because it combines multiple rooms within a single living space.

An open-plan home has many advantages, such as:

  • Make small rooms feel bigger and more spacious. 
  • modern window design offers excellent fresh air circulation and natural light. 
  • Having multiple rooms in one single space makes looking after children and guests easier while performing another task.

These are just some of the benefits of an open plan. Learn more below about how to design the perfect open-plan home. 

Use different lighting and furnishing to define areas

Using furniture, create distinct, valuable spaces. For instance, you could set up a sofa with a console table behind it outside the kitchen to mark the beginning of the living room. You may further enhance the living room by putting a rug in the middle of the area.

Also, you could place a dining table between the living room and the kitchen, because of the smaller space as it only requires a table and a few chairs.

Additionally, lighting aids in defining the various areas of a room. Place a huge ceiling fan in the middle of the living area or use a chandelier to support the dining table.

Create unique features in each area

Including a standout design element in each section will not only serve to define each space but will also make your house glow. Choose a central focus for a space, but such areas require more than one feature. Each distinct group requires its focal point to assist in drawing the eye. For example, install a gallery wall in the dining room. Also, you may use an aluminium window design in your living room area to make it more unique.

Lighting is an excellent option for this. Consider hanging a large chandelier in the living room and employing eye-catching fixtures to anchor your usage zones. Alternatives include unique furniture, fireplaces, and architectural aspects such as built-in bookshelves.

Consider the staircase and the space under the staircase.

If you have a staircase, make it a focal point by adding attractive balustrades and possibly an exposed brick wall behind it. By painting the staircase the same colour as your walls, it will blend in with the rest of the space. Make a usable space beneath the steps. Make it a smart custom-built storage space, a compact study place, or a small seating area.

Pick a suitable colour scheme

The simplest method is to use a uniform colour palette throughout. Because you’ll be covering a large area, choose colours that are easy on the eyes. Choose a neutral as your dominating colour, followed by one or two stronger colours to provide visual interest.

Replicating similar prints, patterns, and textures in your furnishings and accessories is a fantastic way to tie everything together. Though the objects you coordinate can range from wall art to fabrics to statement furnishings, you’ll want to ensure that each grouping has at least one tie-in element.

Keep the space open

An open space is a central point when designing an open-plan house. To avoid clogging the space, you should be mindful when placing furniture in the home. For example, placing a huge wall cabinet or sofa that blocks the kitchen view is not advisable because it does not allow the free flow of conversation.

As a result, the majority of open-concept spaces lean on the side of simplicity. You’ll want to avoid allowing too much clutter in the room because it can distract the eye and blur the boundaries of your groupings. Instead, base your design on pieces that serve dual purposes by providing both functional and aesthetic value.

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