How to Draft CDR Report to Apply for PR in Australia?

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Aspiring engineers and professionals planning to migrate to Australia have to go through a rigorous process of CDR (Competency Demonstration Report) preparation to apply for a Permanent Residency (PR) visa. This process requires attention to detail, professionalism, and technical competency. This article will provide you with a comprehensive guide on how to draft a CDR report for applying for PR in Australia.

Australia has been one of the most preferred countries for immigration by engineers and other technical professionals worldwide. The country’s booming economy, high living standards, and diverse job opportunities attract immigrants to settle here permanently.

Engineers and professionals planning to migrate to Australia have to meet specific requirements, including completing a CDR report, to be eligible to apply for a PR visa. CDR report evaluates the engineer’s competency based on their education, work experience, and other technical abilities.

Understanding the CDR Report for PR in Australia

The CDR report is a document that helps Engineers from non-accredited countries to apply for PR visa in Australia. The Engineers Australia (EA) assesses and evaluates the CDR reports submitted by the applicants. The report should include three career episodes, a summary statement, and a continuing professional development (CPD) list. All these elements should be written in clear and concise language, providing detailed information about the engineer’s professional experience, technical competency, and personal qualities. To understand Do’s and don’ts while drafting CDR Report to apply for PR in Australia you can check the article in our website.

Requirements for CDR Report

The CDR report should follow certain guidelines and requirements to ensure that it meets the EA standards. The report should be written in English, should have a maximum length of 16 pages, and should include the following sections:

  1. Curriculum Vitae (CV)
  2. Continuing Professional Development (CPD)
  3. Three Career Episodes
  4. Summary Statement

Writing the CDR Report for PR in Australia

Here are the steps to follow when writing a CDR report for PR in Australia:

  1. Determine the correct occupational category – Engineers Australia has specific categories for different engineering professions, and the CDR report should be tailored to the relevant category.
  2. Write your CV – The CV should be written in reverse chronological order, providing details of your education, work experience, and any professional certifications.
  3. Write the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) – This section should include a list of any training, seminars, workshops, or courses attended by the applicant.
  4. Write the three Career Episodes – The Career Episodes should highlight the applicant’s engineering projects and experiences. Each episode should be 1,000 to 2,500 words long, providing detailed information about the project, the applicant’s role, and the results achieved.
  5. Write the Summary Statement – This section should provide a summary of the Career Episodes, highlighting the applicant’s engineering competency and suitability for the chosen occupational category.


The CDR report is a crucial document for engineers and technical professionals aspiring to migrate to Australia. The report should be well-written, professional, and technically competent to meet the EA standards.

Following the guidelines mentioned above and paying attention to detail can increase the chances of a successful CDR report evaluation, which can ultimately lead to a PR visa in Australia. If you want help, CDR skill assessment has CDR Report Writing Services for Engineers Australia with expert CDR writers with years of experience in CDR report writing. They will present your skills, education and experience in the perfect format as prescribed by Engineers Australia. Contact us; we are eager to help you.

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