How To Draw A Spartan Helmet

How To Draw A Spartan Helmet
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How To Draw A Spartan Helmet. Ancient Greece is known for many things, from its innovative society and architecture to the great myths and legends that many of its inhabitants believed in. Ancient Greece was also known for its formidable military prowess, and the city-state of Sparta is particularly renowned for this.

Spartan warriors were a force to be reckoned with and are still well known and recognized today for things like their distinctive helmets. Learning to draw a Spartan helmet is a great way to relive some of the great adventures these warriors have been on.

If you’re a Spartans fan, this should be an excellent tutorial! Our step-by-step guide on how to draw a Spartan helmet in 6 steps will help you recreate this iconic helmet. You can draw many more characters like bow and arrow drawing, Anubis drawing, cat drawing, cobra drawing, blueberry drawing, coconut drawing and many more easy drawing for kids.

Step 1:

Austere helmets usually had a fantastic crest and stood made from imports such as feathers or horsehair. In step one of our guide to drawing a Spartan helmet, we will outline this shield. To start, use a smooth, slightly curved line for the front of the crest. The crest will extend to the back of the hoof and outline the top, and we will use a more jagged line.

This line will help the top of the comb look a bit more textured. We’ll even begin removing the lid of the helmet that the range will be connected to, and once that’s accomplished, we’ll carry on to dance 2!

Step 2:

Spartan helmet faceplates had a rather distinctive appearance. They had holes above the eyes with an opening in the front of the face, and that’s the design we’ll add for your Spartan helmet design. Start by drawing a curved line with a small tapered part that dips near the left side of the faceplate. This choice forms the lid of the show, and we can begin pulling the holiday.

I am using the reference image as a guide, using straight and curved lines for the different façade sections. Don’t forget to include the holes above the eyes and mouth, and be sure to draw a section that also covers the nose. Once this show is done, you will carry on to step 3.

Step 3:

Now that you’ve completed most of the faceplate, we’ll add more detail to it in this step of our guide on how to draw a Spartan helmet. Pull a few more lines along the edge of the show you created in the last effort to achieve this.

This will create a sort of border for the outline of the façade and help it look a bit more dynamic. This lip will too open from the rear of the faceplate to plug the gap between it and the back of the helmet.

Step 4:

Continuing with this drawing of the Spartan helmet, the next thing we will draw is the base of the crest. This would be a small metal section containing the material from which the crest is made inside.

To draw it, we’ll use curved lines near the top of the helmet. The front of this section will be smaller and drawn with straighter lines. When drawing this section, you can also use a curved line for the top of the hull. With these skins complete, we’re ready to add some finishing touches to the next step of the guide!

Step 5:

Before you add any color to your illustration, we have some final details and touches to add in this step of our guide on drawing a Spartan helmet. The main thing we will cover is adding texture to the crest.

You can do this by adding straight lines along the side of the ridge to make it look more like clumps of material. Once these texture details are complete, you can add your additional details! Maybe you could draw someone wearing the helmet or create an excellent background for the image. How are you going to finish it?

Step 6:

You are now ready to finish your Spartan helmet design by adding some fantastic colors to it. We’ve chosen a classic Spartan helmet color scheme for our reference image. This means that we used a nice dark red color for the helmet’s crest with some gold for the metal parts.

For an image like this, bold mediums like acrylic paints and color markers would make the image stand out. Any backing you choose will look great, so now is your chance to show off the colors and backings you would choose to finish it off!

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