How To Get Better At Verbal Reasoning Ucat?

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When you submit a Medical Personal Statement, in the next step, you attempt the UCAT test. UCAT is the University Clinical Aptitude Test in which you have 5 subparts to solve. The first part is the most significant and contains major marks in UCAT. Also, the starting should be perfect because the first impression is the last impression. How to perform your best in the first part of UCAT? You will get guidance about it in this article.

5 Subsets of UCAT

First, you must know the 5 subparts of UCAT;

  1. Verbal Reasoning
  2. Decision Making
  3. Quantitative Reasoning
  4. Abstract Reasoning
  5. Situational Judgement

Verbal Reasoning(VR): The First Part of UCAT

Verbal Reasoning is the first part of UCAT, and it is mandatory to show good performance in this part. You can make this possible with the UCAT tutoring course. To solve this, a student has 21 minutes to read 11 passages (200-300 words each) and answer 44 questions. And all the question has to be done with logical reasoning.

Question Types in VR

In VR, a student has two types of questions;

  1. True/ False/ Cannot Tell
  2. Free Text Answering

In the first form, you will tell whether the statement is true or false. And if the true or false option is not applicable, you can choose the Cannot Tell. In the free text, you will have a question or an incomplete statement that you need to answer or complete respectively. Practising trial tests in UCAT tutoring courses can prepare you to perform better in UCAT.

Marking in VR

When you attempt VR, remember that each answer contains one mark. Also, remember that one mark means a lot in UCAT. Then, the examiners set your total marks on the scale to calculate your UCAT score. In 2021, a student made a record of 586 marks in VR. Now the coming year 580+ score will be acceptable for medical studies.

How to Get Good Scores in VR?

To get a good score in VR, follow these suggestions;

  • Practice and increase your reading speed.
  • Read and understand the question correctly.
  • Give the correct information without giving external information.
  • Find the keywords and use them in your answers.
  • Refrain from wasting time on a single question.
  • Write correct sentences and spellings.
  • Practice VR questions in the UCAT tutoring course.

Preparation of UCAT from The Future Medic

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