How to organize a free eye camp in Pakistan?

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Poverty is the most severe issue faced by Pakistan at this moment. Almost 60% of Pakistanis live their lives in villages. However, it is also stated in a study that the percentage of people living in poverty climbed from around 30 to 40%. This percentage is quite alarming, and thousands of people lose their lives because they do not afford any medical treatment fees or charges. At the same time, some of them lose their ability to work due to disabilities like blindness. Therefore many welfare organizations and charities have stepped up to fill the gaps in the healthcare sector. They provide many different healthcare services, like free eye check-ups, by holding free eye camps in Pakistan.

Role of Sponsors in organizing free Eye Camps

Blindness is the most severe and sensitive issue; therefore, most charities organize free eye camps in Pakistan. These charities held these camps with the help of different sponsors who are willing to serve the community with their donations. These sponsors may contain many big industries, NGOs, and people interested in community welfare. They may sponsor an eye camp in terms of partnering with specific service providers. The primary role of sponsors is to setting up a campsite with necessary support facilities, like electricity, furniture, water, and other publicity needs. Moreover, they are also responsible for the food of the medical team and assembling patients. Some of the other things sponsors are supposed to are:

  • Suppose the camp venue is not accessible within a radius of 5 to 10 km. Then they have to arrange local transport facilities between the village and the site. It will help a lot of the village persons in approaching the check-up site without any hurdles.
  • Place more men for the preparation of the eye camp.
  • Make a separate team of volunteers and workers to look after the community mobilization.
  • Conduct widespread publicity through all possible media.

However, there are many service providers available in Pakistan. One of them is Zohra Foundation, which provides many free eye camps in Pakistan. So disabled people who don’t afford eye check-up fees can get these check-ups free of cost and recover soon.

Select an Ideal Place for your Camp

The site of your camp also matters a lot. As you have to volunteer in that area where you think it is necessary. Like if you are going to a village that has a population of ten to twenty thousand people and includes surrounding areas in a free radius of 5 km. Then you must select a convenient venue like a large school building or a playground in that area.

Moreover, you also need to check for a fit date before holding a camp in that area. Like in simple words, you need to make sure that there is no other camp or festivals going on already, like weddings or any other function. And lastly, you have to confirm that the selected place or village should have good access to the nearby villages as well. So the patients near the main village will also be able to get this free help.

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