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Home Removals London
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Do you have to move and don’t know how to organize yourself? In the article you will find some advice and more specific Home Removals London information on how to organize a move and the costs of economic removal companies.

Before starting to organize the move
If possible, start a couple of months in advance with your planning. In order not to arrive unprepared for the day of the transfer, try to anticipate the bureaucratic procedures as much as possible and make sure you have thought of everything:

Cancellation of the house : it must be made within the contractual terms established (usually 3 months in advance), in writing and sent by registered mail;
balance of all bills;
Decluttering : get rid of everything you no longer need. To avoid waste, you can decide to donate your items to relatives, friends or charities (in the latter case, find out which ones are active in the area and where the collection points are). Alternatively you can resell them at flea markets;
Inventory : it must contain everything you own in a clear manner;
Packing operations : start with items you don’t need right away (for example, out-of-season clothes);
Essential kit : contains everything you need for salad, so that it is always at hand (adhesive tape, scissors, felt-tip pens, cleaning cloth);
arrangement of the furniture in the new apartment: make an approximate diagram that includes only the basic furniture;
Supplies : start the “empty fridge” operations in the previous weeks. Remember to defrost the refrigerator and freezer.
Organization during the move
All these operations will allow you to arrive prepared for the actual day of the transfer. On that date, he checks one last time that he hasn’t forgotten anything and informs the moving company about specific problems: parking regulations, traffic conditions and condominium rules.
Check that nothing is missing and that the area is cleared of waste and unnecessary items.
Lastly, remember to read the meters in the old house and turn off the water and electricity.
At the new destination, have all the boxes unloaded in the correct chamber and placed in the center of the room.

What to organize after the Home Removals London
Once you get to your new home, you’ll have a lot of things packed to sort out. At this moment, keep a suitcase with the essentials handy:

Cleaning supplies and garbage bags;
Pajamas and bed linen;
A change of clothes;
A lighter and a couple of universal tools (screwdriver and wrench);
Telephone numbers of movers;
Bathroom products (soaps, personal hygiene kits and toilet paper);
Check in time that everything works, especially taps, heating and electrical sockets. Then start with cleaning, starting with the bathroom and kitchen. Remember to also clean the furniture before and after the move. For the boxes, proceed more by urgency than by room, from the fundamental elements to the less important ones. Be careful as this is the best time to lose something. Finally, it is advisable to inform the managers of the day on which the arrival in the new home is expected in order to have all the services active immediately.

The benefits of professional help
If you decide to rely on a specialized moving company, the main advantage will be that of being able to delegate all the work to professionals equipped with suitable means and used to packing, disassembling and reassembling in record time.
Make sure that the company offers adequate guarantees on the furniture and objects you want to transport and that they are aware of all your needs.
A “do-it-yourself” move, on the other hand, will allow you to save money but involves a great deal of energy. It is therefore only recommended if the distance to be covered is very short and you have enough time available.
One of the operations that you can manage on your own is the packaging of personal items, perhaps leaving only the most fragile ones to the company.

Tips for an efficient move
With a few precautions your move will be more peaceful, in particular make a detailed inventory , it is a useful system for recognizing boxes and their contents without having to open them. In this way you will considerably speed up the accommodation in the new house;
don’t fall into the so-called ” new house syndrome ” which will lead you to think that once you move, you will start doing everything you’ve always put off and using objects you forgot you had;
for children’s toys , a good way to choose which ones not to take with you is to put them in a box, if they don’t ask for them in the following weeks then they are not essential;
prepare a welcome pack for the little ones in the new home and involve them in the simplest preparations, trying to make it look like a game;
Always for them, organize the move when they are busy or there is someone available to take care of them. The move can be chaotic and you will need your full concentration;
when calculating an estimate of the boxes needed, always multiply it by three. It’s never easy to quantify the objects you own, so ask the professionals for help;
for those who have pets , keep them safe in the first few days in a protected environment of the house and give them time to acclimate to the new territory;
supervise the arrangement of your personal items in the new home.
Ready to start your move?
Now that you have all the necessary information on how to organize a move efficiently, all you have to do is get started. Do you need House Moving London the support of a specialized company but don’t know who to turn to?Fill out the form on our website, it only takes two minutes and allows you to receive a maximum of 6 quotes from different companies in one working day. Choose the perfect offer for your needs, at the most competitive price.

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