How to Pass the CCNA Exam This Year

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To start your career in networking, Cisco Certified Networking Associate(CCNA) certification is one of the best decisions. Networking has given rise to a new era by putting everything together. CCNA is the most trusted and valuable certification because of its difficulty level and quality. 

Candidates having CCNA certification are in high demand among all the top companies as they are considered experts in networking. This exam encompasses technology areas such as networking, security and automation.

Cisco network associate certification ensures that the candidate is well aware of the basics and fundamentals of networking and opens doors to many career opportunities.

Tips to pass CCNA Certification this year:

  • Know your exam

The first step for any certification exam is to understand the exam the candidate will face. The candidate will get all essential information like exam topics, practice tests, study material, official trainers etc., on the Cisco website.

The Cisco official cert guide consists of helpful information such as types of questions asked, time duration, conditions to be followed and the passing criteria. These things are critical as it helps to create a study plan for the exam. 

  • Prepare a custom study plan.

Without proper planning, the chances of passing the exam will be less. One needs to study a plan that fits their personal needs to succeed.

For some candidates, self-learning is the best option, while others go for classroom training. Choose the best method suitable for you to prepare for the test.

  • Practical knowledge

No topic can be learned without any practice. So, for every topic you read, you must practice the same in the Cisco training lab on real devices. To practice networking fundamentals, you can quickly get the switch, ISP, PC and a hub. One should understand these network devices to understand networking fundamentals.

  • Proper study material

The candidate can become a member of the Cisco certification forum. They can get lots of information, tips and answers in the forum. There are thousands of materials available on the internet to learn for the CCNA certification exam. But make sure to go only for those who provide quality material.

  • Practice mock tests

There are so many websites offering practice tests for CCNA certification. By giving mock tests, the candidate will know how well you are prepared for the exam. He can get an idea whether he can complete the exam in time or needs to be quick while answering. He will know the areas where improvements are required. GoCertify and CiscoExam are amongst those sites that offer mock practice tests for certifications.

  • Join online communities

There are so many online communities worldwide where people share their success and failure stories. They will share exam strategies in those forums. Some of the online communities are TechExams and Networking-Forum.

  • Glossary in books

Candidates should make sure to read glossaries in books. These will help candidates to answer questions in the CCNA exam. It will help to understand the questions and answer them effectively.

  • Refresh your memory before an exam

Before giving the exam, candidates should read Cisco press books repeatedly. Re-reading will help the candidate if he has missed any important concepts. Revision is the most critical time when one will learn all the basic concepts needed for the CCNA certification exam.

Cisco courses

Below are the top Cisco certifications:

  • CCNA- Routing and switching
  • CCDA- Cisco Certified Design Associate
  • CCNP- Routing and switching
  • CCENT- Cisco Certified Entry Networking Technician
  • CCNA- Security

Cisco security certification

The CCNP Security certification is intended for security engineers responsible for routers, switches and networking devices. 

The CCNA Security certification indicates the skills required to develop a security infrastructure and recognize threats. CCNA Security certified professionals are able to secure information using the latest Cisco security hardware and software solutions. 


CCNA is an associate-level, principal-based exam surrounding technology areas such as networking, security and automation. It prepares candidates for new roles like network support and network administrator. The CCNA exam is one of the most demanding certifications in the market. Cisco network associate certification will open the doors of networking for you. If one works hard, it is possible to crack the exam. Choosing the right study material with the appropriate way of studying is essential for CCNA certification preparation. 

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