How To Protect Your Furniture When Moving?

Modern Furniture: Embracing the Contemporary Elegance
Modern Furniture: Embracing the Contemporary Elegance
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Protect Your Furniture When Moving

While moving can seem like an easy task, you just have to pack everything in boxes and pile your furniture into the back of a truck, the reality is more complex. You need to handle everything with care to ensure your furniture is moved from point A to point B without any damage. Here’s our guide to protecting the furniture the right way.

Preparation is everything

You’ve probably known that you’re moving day is coming for weeks. Since this has to be planned in advance because you probably have to leave the apartment by a specified date, prepare everything in advance. Gather all the supplies before the moving day. Your packing list must include wrapping paper, a utility knife, plastic wrap, markers, stickers, adhesive tape, furniture covers, plastic bags and cardboard boxes. It’s always best to have more, than end up short on packing supplies.

Make a list of furniture that is to be packed

Next, make a list of furniture that has to be packed. This will help you make a packing plan and ensure you’ve packed everything. Packing things is equally stressful as unpacking because you’ll be easily overwhelmed by the number of thighs to unpack. But, if you make a list, and label everything properly, you won’t have any issue finding the most important things you need to unpack first.

Prepare the furniture

If you want to ensure your furniture is intact after the packing, moving and unpacking, you need to prepare it. First, dust it off or vacuum its parts. Yes, vacuum it to remove any dirt, dust or debris. Clean it first so you’ll know that you’re wrapping a dust-free piece of furniture. This also saves you a lot of time after unpacking. All you’ll have to do is give it a quick wipe and you’ll be settled down fast in your new place.

Dismantle everything you can

After you wiped and vacuumed your furniture, it’s time to start dismantling it. Remove any knobs or other parts that can lighten the furniture further. If you dismantle a piece of furniture, packing and transporting can be easier. You’ll get to pack everything in one go because you’ll have more room available for storing furniture in the truck. This is why people in Australia hire removalists in Sydney, because they will help them dismantle furniture and reassemble it as part of the service. You might not have the right tools and experience, so you can simply outsource this.

Don’t do everything alone

Moving is as stressful as any other change in life. That’s why you don’t have to do this alone. You can hire a professional removalist team to help you pack everything and unpack it all upon your arrival at your new home. We tend to do everything on our own because we believe that we can do it all. The key to living a happy life is to delegate things and spend that time on other, less stressful activities.

Wrap everything safely

Wrap it like it’s the most valuable asset you own. Bubble wrap can ensure delicate items are transported to your new home without any problem. Plastic wraps or plastic covers will protect upholstered furniture, so use them correctly. You never know what can happen, and the cost of buying a new piece of furniture will surpass the cost of protective covers and wraps.

Have a strategic placement plan

Having a strategy will ensure you’re packing and the entire move goes smoothly. You shouldn’t just throw things in the truck and hope for the best. Quite the opposite, you need to devise a strategic placement plan. If you’re stacking boxes, ensure heavier boxes are on the floor, while the lighter ones go on top of the pile. Place a few lighter boxes between furniture elements, just like a sandwich. Use ropes and hooks to secure heavier items.

Secure all bolts, screws and moving parts

When you dismantle a furniture piece, you’ll have to assemble it. Before you dismantle it, take a photograph, so you’ll know how to put it back. Next, you should secure all bolts, screws and other essential parts in plastic bags. This way not one of them will be lost. Label each bag properly, so you’ll know which bag belongs to which piece of furniture.

If you follow our tips, you’ll ensure proper protection of your furniture. Know that this is a process so approach it with such a mindset.

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