How to Reduce Your New Car Maintenance Cost in Dubai?

Car Maintenance
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After a person buy new car in Dubai, maintaining the car quickly causes a huge drain in its pocket. But after affording a new car price in Dubai, you can follow these measures to keep maintenance expenses low. 

A few activities like high increasing speed, fast dashing, and jerky braking can cause speedy damaging effects to your vehicle. Repairing and maintenance costs can add on more with irregular driving habits. So, here are some helpful tips that can help you reduce maintenance costs and keep your car in good condition for a longer period of time. 

Tips to Reduce Maintenance Cost of Car in Dubai

Following precautions and paying heed to your driving practices can better your driving experience. So, there are tips that will save you from spending huge amounts on car maintenance. 

Pay Heed to Owner’s Manual

Car maintenance and service are essential if you want to keep your car in good condition and long-lasting. If you know which part of the car needs maintenance and at what time is key to saving money. However, all these things directly relate to the car owner’s manual which can give you significant information about vehicle structure. 

In some car manuals, you will also find a schedule for required car repair and service. Following this schedule by car manufacturers will save you money from unnecessary expenses and keep your car in good condition for a longer period of time. 

Choose a Reliable Car Service Provider

The next most advantageous tip for reducing car repair costs is to find a reliable auto service center or reliable car mechanic. To find a reliable person, you can refer your friends and family or search on the internet and choose one that has good reviews. 

However, you will find most of the reliable technicians or service centers are likely to charge you more for less. To check whether your technician is charging a fair amount, you can also cross-check the repair estimate by other car service providers or from your friends and family too. Remember that the better the quality of service, the longer it lasts, so going to a good service center will save you money in the long run. 

Prefer Minimal Maintenance

Usually, people go to auto repair centers for one thing and end up getting plenty of other things repaired. In some cases, extra repairs might be necessary but can be skipped for some time. There is a simple approach to avoid such unnecessary car maintenance expenses. 

If you get a list of repairs and services that can disturb your car maintenance budget, then you should try to prioritize services. You can get the most important one right one time and then leave the other for later on. Moreover, you can schedule different service tasks on a monthly list to manage your budget in the right way. 

Consider Warning Signs

To save money from hefty repair costs, you need to bring under consideration various warning signs that your car is giving you that something is going wrong. After spending huge amounts on new car prices in Dubai, these high-performing cars check the engine light to keep flashing every time you start the car. All these signs alert the driver to take their vehicle to the nearest auto repair shop as the car itself is indicating some issues with the car engine. 

Research on Car Maintenance Market Estimate in Your Area

There are thousands of car mechanics and auto service car centers in Dubai and all of them have different pricing plans for different services. Besides asking your friends and family for general car repair estimates, you can also go for thorough market research. Either visit the market physically or research on the internet, you’ll find various deals by repair shops near you. 

DIY Repairs

However, most car jobs are dangerous and require careful professional mechanics, but there are a few that you can do yourself. Once you get to learn minor car repairs with little assistance, then you can save money for some frequent repairs like car air filters and wiper blades. 

Moreover, you can take assistance from the world’s biggest guide – the Internet to find easy ways for minor repairs and do them yourself. At the same time, you can also refer to some friends who also buy new cars in Dubai and have some good information about automobiles. 

Get Ding Repair Expert in Time

Minor dents, dings, and chips on the car paint are inevitable but can be serious damage at times. When such dents come often and go unnoticed mostly, eventually rusting starts and car values go down. 

In addition, when such a car goes to an auto shop, mechanics solve the issue by sanding down all the dented and chipped parts and repainting and re-coating the entire car body, which ends up being a huge cost. 

To cut down cost from such repairs, you should find a reliable technician that doesn’t cost much and focus only on damaged areas. For this purpose, you can also find a local ding repair expert that mostly repairs used cars usually costs lower. 


One of the most expensive factors in car maintenance costs associated with car ownership is insurance. It can be a lifesaver option for many people who face some big accidents. 

But regularly paying those insurance premiums can easily add up to a burden on your wallet, besides some regular service costs. 

So, when you go for care while choosing your insurance package, don’t go overboard. 

Summing up

Thus, these are some practical and advantageous tips to reduce car maintenance costs. The most healthy habit after a person buy new car in Dubai is to keep checking car parts and get them repaired on time. Ignoring regular car services can add up a lot to your new car price in Dubai. Therefore, you need to keep in mind all tips to enjoy a favorable driving experience.

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