How to Secure an Intimate Relationship

How to Secure an Intimate Relationship
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How to Secure an Intimate Relationship starts with mutual commitment. Both partners should be willing to listen to the other and understand their point of view. This requires being consistent and reliable. If the relationship is going bad, one partner should be more understanding and consistent than the other. Intimate relationships need to be emotionally secure. If you’re not sure how to secure intimacy, read this article to learn some tips.

Mutual commitment is foundational to a secure relationship

Mutual commitment is the core of a secure intimate relationship. Without it, a relationship may fall apart. When partners feel powerless and vulnerable, they may rebel against each other, and the relationship may fail. Instead, partners who feel empowered are more likely to demonstrate empathy, teamwork, and care for each other. In order to avoid such a scenario, couples should make mutual commitment a priority. Here are four tips that can help couples build mutual commitment.

Understanding each other’s points of view

Couples who disagree on important issues often fall into a pattern of denial. Some individuals resort to their arsenal of weapons, including criticism, threats, and even condemnation. Others may just ignore their partner completely. Regardless of your approach, identifying your partner’s perspective is essential for maintaining a secure and loving relationship. A couple can make a lasting commitment to each other when they recognize and respect each other’s different points of view.

Acting with contempt can affect emotional security.

If your partner is treating you with contempt, it may be affecting your trust and emotional security in your relationship. Some signs of contempt are constant criticism, turning away from your partner, or leaving the room when your partner is talking. Moreover, acting with contempt reflects a deep-seated disgust for another person or object. The word “contempt” is defined as the feeling that something is worthless or not valuable.

Dispositional contempt is a personality trait that results in despisement. This type of person makes a point of separating himself from others, which is not only cruel but also insensitive. A person who acts with contempt will not connect with others, thereby diminishing them and hindering their emotional security. It is important to realize that a person who communicates with contempt has no empathy for others.

Being emotionally available

Being emotionally available is important to the success of a relationship, but it can be intimidating if you are unsure of your own emotional state. You might not have the self-esteem or trust to let your partner see you in a vulnerable state. Insecure people are afraid to open up in relationships because they feel that their partners will not accept them. However, you need to know that it is worth the risk. It will be a challenge, but it is also worth it when you can feel deeply for your partner.

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