How to Use Illuminated Signs As Internal Signage?

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Companies use both internal and external signage to get recognition, visibility, and identity in the market. Signage is an important way for the advertisement and marketing of businesses whether small or big.

External as well as internal signage is the best way to improve the product value and to move a company on track to reach its business objectives. It also helps to reach a company’s message and brand awareness to potential customers.

The trend of traditional signage for business has now been replaced by illuminated signs for the purpose to get business objectives easily. Although both indoor and outdoor illuminated signs are crucial for business marketing.

In illuminated signs, the light source is fixed inside or outside of the letters. Whatever the type of illuminated signs is, it’s true that these signs create more visibility, attract more traffic, enhance brand awareness as well as being environmentally friendly. However, in this guest post, we would shed light on the use of illuminated signs as internal signage. 

Illuminated signs as internal signage

The installation and display of illuminated signs within the building or offices of a business to advertise and promote the business brand for the purpose to attract more traffic towards the business. These signs are the best way to make the brand and product visible to the customers.

For example, digital wayfinding signs, wall signs, floor graphics, video walls, LCDs in the lobby, etc. are some of the well-known illuminated and digital signs of internal signage.

Use of illuminated signs as internal signage and its importance

Business signage whether external or internal is very crucial for business stability and growth. Nowadays people use illuminated signage for indoor signs which has enhanced business marketing and promotion in many aspects.

 It not only presents a beautiful look of your business but also enhances the sales and customers. Following are some of the illuminated signs as internal signage and their importance for business.

Illuminated directional signs

Almost all companies of the world use direction signs or wayfinding inside company buildings. The trend of traditional signs is no longer inside the building. People use illuminated arrows to move in buildings towards offers promotions and many other products with beautiful colorful light. 

Such directional signs are visible from far apart. Therefore people can see it easily and move towards their desired products within no time.

Glow signs for emergency exits

It is very crucial for any business. Such signs are mostly visible in big buildings like hospitals, industries, educational institutes, shopping malls, etc. It is necessary to have illumination lights here in emergency signs. In case of emergency, people move easily in hustle and bustle towards the emergency EXIT.

Welcoming and greeting signs 

Companies and businesses use welcoming and greeting signs in front of malls and shops to attract people and greet them on special occasions. For example, in the new year, they display illuminated greeting signs to make the customers happy and to capture them for business.

Illuminated brand signage for offices

The company’s office is one of the most important and most visited places for people. Whenever people visit your office they must have something to know about your business. People use illuminated logos and brand signs inside the office and also display some colorful graphics to give a good-looking first impression because first impressions are the last ones.

Lobby illuminated signs

The lobby is one of the busiest places in buildings. For the best interest of your business, it should be filled with colorful light display signages. People sitting in the lobbies must have something to read and watch.

Illuminated signs regarding your brand, offers, promotions, and products with colorful light attract people towards your business. They watch the promotional illuminated signs like discounts, sell-offs, etc and slowly move toward your business.

Window glass as illuminated signage

One of the important uses of illuminated signs as internal signage is the displaying of glow signs of the brand on window glasses and walls of buildings and in offices. People passing nearby come to know about your brand and products and gradually they move for business.


In short, illuminated signs whether internal or external are the cry of the day. A business can not move to the peak of its popularity without beautifully illuminated signage. At signworld, you can get your desired signages for getting visibility, brand awareness, more potential customers as well as more income and sales.

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