How to Watch Chinese Movies on Your Mobile and Desktop

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If you’re interested in watching Chinese movies on your mobile or desktop, several good options are available. These apps can be downloaded for free or can be paid for. Youku is one of the most popular, offering various titles. Video is another option.


Ifovd is a Chinese-language streaming service that provides a wide range of content. Besides movies, you can also watch Chinese TV shows, news, documentaries, and music. IFovd is also completely free to use. It lets you stream over 900 different kinds of programming in China.

IFVOD is one of the best apps to watch Chinese movies and TV shows on your mobile or desktop. It has over 50 million registered users and supports Android and iOS devices. It is easy to download and use. You can record movies and TV shows and watch them later at your convenience. The app also supports downloading and playing content to your device.

In addition to free content, IFVOD offers access to the latest episodes of Chinese TV shows. These movies and TV shows are rated T for family entertainment, so you can feel confident watching them with your family. And because the service is free, there is no need to sign up for a subscription. In addition, there is no risk involved in streaming content and you can cancel at any time.


If you want to watch Chinese movies on your mobile and desktop, there are several ways to do so. One popular method is to download an Android app called MangoTV. It will allow you to stream full-length Chinese drama episodes and movies. It is free to download, but you can also pay for premium content if you want more options. It also provides a library of English-subbed Chinese movies and anime.

Several websites offer a vast library of Chinese movies and TV shows, with many available for free. Some sites have Chinese subtitles available, which greatly help complete beginners. These websites also offer English and pinyin-subtitles, making it easy to pick the right one for your preferences. In addition, many of these websites offer both Simplified and Traditional Chinese subtitles. You can choose between the two languages to learn the language at your own pace, so you’ll be able to understand the movie’s message without having to translate it.

Sohu Movie

Sohu Movie is one of China’s top streaming movie websites. The site offers free and legal access to thousands of movies and TV shows. Its library also includes many recent American movies. While the site is only available in mainland China, you can unlock it using a VPN. Another popular movie website is Youku. Its movie channel features many of the hottest blockbusters. However, it would help if you had an IP from China to watch the movies, as they are copyrighted.

Sohu is also available on mobile devices. With the built-in player, you can watch Sohu movies on your desktop or mobile. The video player supports a variety of media formats, and it also supports URL streaming. URL streaming is a great way to watch any online video in the player instead of a web browser. To download a Sohu movie, hover your mouse over the video and click “Download.” If you want to record the video, copy the URL and paste it into the program’s interface. You can then set the recording to full-screen mode.

Youku Movie

The Youku Movie service is one of the most popular streaming movie sites in China. This service offers free access to thousands of Chinese movies, TV series, and the latest Hollywood movies. The website is only available for those in Mainland China, so those outside the country will need to use a VPN to access the website. Youku is a video website that is similar to YouTube. There are several movies on its channel, including blockbusters like ‘The Great Wall’. The only difference is that Youku requires you to have an IP from China to stream Chinese movies. Copyright restrictions on the content mean that you won’t be able to stream ‘Snow White’ or ‘River Dragon’ if you don’t have a Chinese IP.

Another good way to watch Chinese movies is by downloading the film to your mobile. Baidu Player is a famous video player that supports downloading and streaming movies, and allows users to create custom playlists. You can even download movies to your mobile device if you want to watch them later. This app is also compatible with most mobile devices.

Kankan Movie

There are a few ways to watch Chinese movies on your desktop and mobile. Many of these sites offer subtitles in Chinese or English. You can also search by genre to find the film you want. Some sites also offer subtitles in a wide variety of languages. Another way to watch Chinese movies online is through Baidu, the equivalent of Google or YouTube in China. Baidu has a healthy selection of free Chinese drama, and the app has video functions. However, be prepared to endure some 60-second commercials now and then.

The most convenient way to watch Chinese movies on your desktop or mobile device is to use the inquiry app. This application is available for both Windows and Mac. It offers thousands of titles in both English and Chinese. You can choose subtitles for the Chinese film and watch them on your PC or mobile. You can also watch movies offline on this site.