How To Wear Chinos For Almost Every Occasion

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The most valuable and versatile pair of pants for men are chinos. Like denim jeans, the casual bottom is an essential piece of clothing. However, not all blue chino pants are made equally. Finding the ideal pair (or two) can take time because there are so many styles and colors available from both budget-friendly and upscale manufacturers. But things are about to become much more straightforward.

Chinos are a stylish pair of cotton twill pants combined with a more laid-back shirt. The rugged robustness of the chinos, which originated in mid-century military attire and the era of Steve McQueen, is even more apparent now. But it’s made with elastic fabrics and somewhat varying cuts, making it perfect for navigating urban streets or attending a particular function with a dress code.

Khaki has also evolved outside conflict zones, realigning the traditional pants with modern men’s design standards. So let’s learn how to style the chino for the current season.

Your unique style and the event will determine how to fit and dress your chinos.

Mid-weight pima cotton tee shirts with a structure resembling a suit or separate trousers is required for more formal situations. Aim for a pair with a tapered ankle, the same rise and length in the leg as a pair of pants, and a team that sits comfortably on the hip (without bunching). Rolling the cuff up from the bottom, preferably 1.5 to 2 inches, is another approach to obtain the cinched look.

Brighten the World

Although khaki is the traditional chino color, investing in a colorful pair for the forthcoming spring is the finest choice.

Because they are simple to wear and were made famous by the June fashion week, calming hues like peach and light red, as well as rose and lilac grey, are big this season for men. With a collared shirt or jacket and silk scarf, the lightness and brightness convey a bobo aesthetic and contrast the overly formal navy blazer look.

To that end, neutral colors like navy and grey chinos for formal and informal occasions, along with trendy marsala or dark red, all scream “classic.” If not, go for something earthier, like nighttime pants in forest green, rocky charcoal, or taupe sand.

How to Style Your Chinos

Pants and a T-shirt

The chinos and t-shirt outfits are the most traditional and straightforward. Choose any chino color and pair it with a striped black, white, or navy t-shirt. You may quickly achieve a look appropriate for summer by wearing white shoes with them.

A shirt and chinos

We advise wearing a casual shirt with your chinos if you want to appear a little dressier. Your chinos look great with a traditional chambray shirt or a linen button-down. While stripes and patterns are OK, avoid using too many vibrant colors. To stay on topic, pair blues with other shades of blue.

Pants and a Blazer

The outfit of chinos, a t-shirt, and a jacket is ideal if you need to go quickly. Khaki chinos and a blue (or black) blazer look equally as good as the popular combination of blue and black. Avoid wearing anything but plain-colored t-shirts; otherwise, a casual tee will do just fine. This outfit is ideal for smart-casual occasions.

Pants with a bomber jacket

You’ll need a jacket as the weather becomes colder. For your chinos, we suggest the very casual bomber jacket. Keep it simple with a t-shirt, or wear a light knit underneath.


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