Hygiene and Nutrition for Maternal and Child Health

maternal and child health
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The topmost factors to consider while raising a child are nutrition and safety. Every child needs to be raised with utmost care and a proper healthy diet, which is also important to take into consideration the health of the mother. A nursing mother needs a proper diet and healthy nutrition impact. It is very important to care for Maternal and Child Health in the initial days to ensure proper growth and development. 

Nutritional needs for an enhanced maternal health

Water and Fluids:

A breastfeeding mother is advised to drink at least 8 glasses of water a day. Nursing mothers often undergo dehydration due to the loss of excess fluids from their bodies, and it’s important to stay hydrated as a part of their diet maintenance. Water content in the body of a mother directly goes towards milk production. During breastfeeding, a mother has advised healthy fluids like low-fat milk and fruit juices. High-calorie fruit juices and soda-based drinks are highly restricted. 


A nursing mother should make sure that the daily intake of calories is not less than 2800 per day. This should continue for at least 3 months. There are many foods that can increase your calorie content upon consumption. The protein content should be equally distributed over breakfast, lunch and dinner, and if you want, you can also include some in your evening snacks. 

Consuming an adequate amount of water with low-fat content can maintain the required number of calories in the body of a nourishing mother. Multiple maternal and child health programme have been enlightening families about the importance of proper nourishment to a nursing mother. 

Vitamin Content:

Proper care should be taken about the consumption of food that has prenatal vitamins. This includes folic acid, to be precise not only important for nourishing mothers but also important for pregnant ladies. Some of the vitamin-rich food includes spinach, orange juice, wheat and chickpeas.

Zinc and Calcium:

It is seen that most people lack a proper quantity of zinc in their bodies which is one of the most important sources of food for nourishing mothers. Maternal and Child Health depends upon the type of food consumed by the mother, and zinc is one of the most important ingredients during this phase. Meat, eggs and whole flour are some of the zinc-rich foods. Along with this, a proper calcium-rich diet is also required for a healthy mother and child, which is also included in dairy products and vegetables.

Other Nutritional Food Items:

Spinach is one of the most important green vegetables that’s required in bulk by a nourishing mother. The Maternal and Child Health Programme around us make sure that mothers are aware of the consumption of manganese-rich food, which ensures that there is proper bone development and enough milk production. 

Salmon, Oatmeal and eggs are also considered important meals in the process. At least an egg should be consumed a day for the proper growth and nourishment of the growing kid. Oatmeal enhances the production of breast milk and amplifies the body mechanism, which significantly helps in postnatal constipation. 

Nursing Mothers and pregnant women should take adequate care to maintain proper Maternal and Child Health. Proper body regulation and maintenance are required in order to have a complication-free nursing period. Make sure to include the above-mentioned in your diet to stay healthy and fit during the entire process. 

Appropriate Exercises

However, along with diet, a healthy and regular exercise schedule is also required to keep a stable mental state. During the pregnancy and the nursing phase, you are bound to face a state of exhaustion and get tired easily. Pregnancy, nourishment and exercise tend to go hand in hand. 

Make sure to get your hands on a potential Maternal and Child Health Programme to guide you through some amazing exercises. This includes getting a healthy pedicure or a rough 20 mins of walk. By keeping in view a few points, make sure to reward yourself with outstanding and healthy results. 

There are multiple things to take into consideration while undergoing a prenatal or nourishing stage as a mother. The health of a child depends upon the health of the mother. Make smart choices when it comes to diet and exercise. Alcohol and drug, and caffeine consumption should be mainly avoided. 

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