Importance of Marriage Certificate Attestation

 Importance of Marriage Certificate Attestation
 Importance of Marriage Certificate Attestation
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            Marriage Certificate

A marriage certificate is a document that tells other people that two persons whose names are written on the document are married to each other. All the details such as name, place, date, and time are mentioned on the document. It is one of the important documents that is needed at various times. For Instance: Spouse Visa, Dependent Visa, Passport of children, and many other reasons. 

If an applicant wants to travel to a foreign country, it is a must to have personal documents and educational documents apostille to make the visit smoother. The attestation of the marriage certificate is a way to legalize a document with a stamp and sign. This complete process is done by various authorities after carefully examining the certificate. A stamp is placed on the document so that the foreign country knows that all the details mentioned on the document are lawful and accurate. 

Documents that are essential for the attestation of the marriage certificate

A person has to submit essential documents to get the marriage certificate apostille. Let’s have a look:

  • An original Marriage Certificate is mandatory.
  • A photocopy of the Passport (Only front and back page).
  • A license photocopies
  • Aadhar card photocopy

Make sure to carry all the documents to save time.

Let us have a look at some of the top reasons to have a marriage certificate apostille

  • To Apply for the Passport of Children: A marriage certificate is an important document in case a person wants to apply for a passport for children.  The document that is attested by the higher authorities is regarded as having 100% true and correct corrections. So, if you are planning to apply for the passport of your children. So, ensure that the marriage certificate is apostilled.
  • To Travel Foreign Country with a Spouse:  For all those applicants who have applied for a dependent visa, spouse visa, or a family visa. It is essential to have a marriage certificate apostille. To get the apostille certification it takes only a few steps as the procedure is quite simple.
  • To Add Spouse Name in passport: For married people, it becomes necessary to add the spouse’s name in the passport for traveling to a foreign country. However, only a marriage certificate will not work for traveling. As for the marriage certificate, an apostille stamp is important. Without this, the spouse’s name will not be registered. in the passport.
  • For Legalization of Marriage Certificate: The document that is attested by higher authorities is considered legal and valid. A complete investigation of the certificate is done. After this, a stamp and signature on the marriage certificate are placed by the Ministry of External Affairs.
  • Compulsory for Hague Nations: For all the countries that are member countries of the Hague nations, it is compulsory to get the attestation on the marriage certificate for traveling. After the Hague Apostille convention, it is obligatory to get MEA attestation of all the major and supporting documents 
  • Assist in Proving the Marital Status of Couples: Foreign countries ask for several documents to prove a couple’s marital status. The verification of the documents is due via various modes. To avoid complications and to make the process easier get the apostille on the marriage certificate. Find a genuine and trustworthy apostille service provider for attestation
  • Foreign Travel: The individuals who want to travel to a foreign country have to carry documents along with them. The couples especially need an apostille marriage certificate. If a person has an attested document then it becomes easier to get the visa and also eases the process of showing documents in other countries.
  •  Hague convention abolishing: Abolishment means to abolishing the requirement of embassy attestation for member countries. After abolished the requirements, if the other country where documents are to be presented mandates it. Then a person has to get a marriage certificate document apostille. Attestation makes a simple certificate into foreign public documents. This document is now ready to use in foreign countries as a legal document. The document can be presented in any official authorities. 

The validity of the marriage certificate apostille

Most of the time, the country accepts an apostille that is 6 months old.  Moreover, there are countries that take apostille documents that are more than a year old. The validity also depends on the place where documents was issued. It is better to ask your service provider about the exact validity of the document. 

          The accurate procedure that is followed for the marriage certificate apostille

Some steps need to be followed for the attestation of the marriage certificate. Let’s see in detail:

  • Notary Attestation: This is the first step to beginning the process of attestation. The documents are shown to the notary. After carefully analyzing the documents, the notary puts a stamp to complete the attestation of the certificate. 
  • SDM/State Attestation: The documents are further sent to one of the mentioned authorities for attestation. Both the authorities carefully verify all the content that is written on the certificate. Once the verification is done then the marriage certificate is attested by the State or SDM. 

The verification of the document at the state level is done by the Secretariat of the district. Due to the huge number of applications, the time taken for the state attestation is around one month. However, the attestation that is done at the SDM level does not take much time and is completed in approximately seven to ten days. So, it is better to select SDM attestation to fasten the process. 

  • Ministry of External Affairs: This is the final step for all the countries that are a member of the Hague nations. All major and supporting documents are checked by taking care of every small detail. Once all the certificates are checked, the Ministry of External Affairs founds that the information printed on the document is correct. The MEA puts a stamp and seal on the documents. The document is now ready to use in foreign countries as it is regarded as authentic.