Improving Air Conditioner Efficiency By Heating & Air Conditioning Service

Heating & Air Conditioning Service in Houston TX
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It’s summertime, so it’s time to crank up the AC! But before you can do that, you must ensure your AC is as efficient as possible. This blog post will discuss ways to improve air conditioning efficiency and save money on your energy bill. From finding leaks to improving ventilation, we have tips to help make your AC more efficient and less expensive. You can look for a Heating & Air Conditioning Service in Houston TX to keep your AC working efficiently this summer. Read on and start saving today!

Heating & Air Conditioning Service in Houston TX for Improving AC Efficiency

Hiring a professional heating and air conditioning service to improve AC efficiency can be a great way to keep your home comfortable all year round. Not only will these services make your AC run more efficiently, but they’ll also be able to help you identify and fix any potential problems with your system before they become bigger issues. If you’re looking to save money on your energy bill, hiring a Heating & Air Conditioning Service in Houston TX is the best way.

Have Your Unit Serviced Before the Summer Heat

Summer can be a trying time for air conditioners. Not only does the heat sap their energy, but many people forget to have their unit services done before the heat of summer hits. Air conditioning will work more efficiently and last longer if these services are performed regularly:

  • Cleaning coils: Coils become dirty over time and clog the cooling system. Have your technician clean the coils every 7-10 days to ensure proper cooling.
  • Fluid check: Make sure all fluid levels are correct and replace any that is low or missing. This will help improve performance and extend the life of your AC unit.
  • Ventilation optimization: Open windows when possible to allow fresh air into your home. Use fans when necessary to circulate air throughout your home. This will help reduce humidity levels and prevent damage to your AC unit from excessive moisture accumulation

Clean Around Outdoor Units 

Believe it or not, keeping your outdoor air conditioner clean can help improve its AC efficiency in the warmer months. What you can do is:

  • Remove any leaves, branches, or debris clogging the unit’s filters.
  • Clear away any accumulated rainwater or snow on the unit’s coils.
  • Sweep and vacuum the area around the unit regularly to remove dust, dirt, and other particles that can block airflow.
  • Wipe down the exterior of your unit with a damp cloth to remove any sticky residue or buildup.

Upgrade the Insulation in the Attic and Walls

If your home is not well insulated, it will struggle to keep your AC unit running efficiently during the hot summer months. Improving attic and wall insulation can help your AC unit work more efficiently and save you money on energy bills.

Insulation is a three-dimensional material that provides thermal resistance. It’s made up of small molecules that are tightly packed together and don’t allow heat or cold to move through them easily. When insulation is installed in tight spaces, such as an attic, it helps to create a barrier between the inside of your home and the harsh environment outside. This prevents heat from escaping and keeps your home warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. 

Insulate Your Ductwork 

Increasing AC efficiency during the summer months is essential to saving on your energy bill. One way to improve AC efficiency is by insulating your ductwork. Duct insulation helps keep the heat in your home, making it more comfortable in the summer. Additionally, insulated ductwork can improve air conditioning efficiency by reducing the amount of air that must be moved through the system.

To determine if duct insulation is necessary for your home, look for a Heating & Air Conditioning Service in Houston TX to consult an HVAC professional. They will be able to assess the size and type of insulation needed and the condition of your heating and cooling system. Once the decision has been made about whether or not duct insulation is necessary, scheduling a consultation with a qualified contractor can begin.

Install Ceiling Fans 

Adding ceiling fans to your home can help improve air conditioning efficiency in the summertime. Ceiling fans use less energy to operate than other fans, which can help reduce your electricity bills. Additionally, when the fan is not in use, the blades will continue to spin, helping to circulate air and reduce humidity levels.

If you’re unsure whether or not you need a ceiling fan, consult a professional. They can help you determine which type of fan would be best for your home and how many fans will be necessary to achieve desired results.

Install a Smart Thermostat

The benefits of installing a smart thermostat in your home are many. Not only will you conserve energy, but you will also be able to manage your temperature better in the summer. A smart thermostat can learn your habits and preferences over time, adjusting the temperature to what’s happening inside and outside. In addition, a smart thermostat can help improve AC efficiency by adjusting the fan settings accordingly.

Keep Indoor Vents Clear and Clean

It is important to keep your indoor vents clear and clean in the summertime to improve AC efficiency. By keeping your vents free of dust, pollen, and other airborne particles, you can reduce the energy needed to operate your AC. Additionally, keeping your vents clear can improve your home’s air quality.

Close Curtains and Blinds During the Day

Summertime is the perfect time to close curtains and blinds during the day to improve AC efficiency. This will reduce the sunlight entering your home, which can help reduce your air conditioning costs. If you have a window air conditioner, keep it covered when not in use to conserve energy further. Moreover, you can get Heating & Air Conditioning Service in Houston TX as the experts can guide you on increasing AC efficiency during summer.

Switch Incandescent Light Bulbs to Cooler Led Bulbs 

Switching your incandescent light bulbs to cooler LED bulbs can improve the efficiency of your air conditioning unit in the summer. Not only will you be helping to save money on your energy bill, but you’ll also be reducing your greenhouse gas emissions.

LEDs are more efficient, producing less heat than traditional incandescent bulbs. This means that your air conditioner can work harder to cool down the room, resulting in lower energy costs and a more comfortable home.

Since LEDs last much longer than traditional bulbs, switching to them can help you save money over time. Plus, they’re environmentally friendly, so you’re doing your part for the planet!