Instagrammable Villas in Maharashtra for a Memorable Vacation

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There are many private pool villas around the world, but some of them are better than others. With their unique decor, lavish amenities, and sense of privacy, these top-notch villas offer a holiday you won’t soon forget. You will fall in love with them the moment you see them.

Imagine taking a vacation with your loved ones and staying in one of these magnificent private pool villas! That paints a very clear picture, huh? If you haven’t had a chance to swim and splash while on vacation, it’s possible that you haven’t yet found the best private pool villas.

1.  Octagon Farm Villa, Lonavala

A magnificent 8 BHK villa with a private pool, Octagon Farm Villa is one of the best private villas in Lonavala is the ideal place to begin your mornings. One of the additional highlights for animal lovers is the horse stable that is located on the property and the horses here make for a good addition to your phot-op. Its subdued interiors are vibrantly lighted, illuminating the area.

With its beautiful green vistas, cosy atmosphere, and tranquil settings, this place is ideal for a weekend escape with family and friends.

2.  Gatsby Villa, Lonavala

The wonderful 4BHK Gatsby Villa in Lonavala has expansive, contemporary interiors that meld beautifully with the expansive, colourful exteriors, which include a private pool and garden space, all that make amazing backdrops for your Instagram selfies. The 4BHK Villa provides stunning views of the nearby mountains and never-ending vegetation and is one of the best private villas in Lonavala. You could either spend the entire day relaxing indoors with your favourite people while admiring the gorgeous surroundings that change from brightly lighted days to starry nights, or you could enjoy a campfire outside.

3.  Carlos Villa, Lonavala

Due of its great atmosphere during the rainy season, Lonavala is one of the top places to visit around Mumbai during the rainy season and the private villas in Lonavala let us take in the ambience of your surroundings . Lonavala is at its most scenic, with cloud-kissed cliffs and gushing waterfalls, while Mumbai is being overrun by the rains. Visit this 4BHK Carlos Villa to experience Lonavala’s picturesque atmosphere. It features a private pool and a large lawn where you and your loved ones may relax and enjoy a hot cup of chai in Lonavala’s cool weather.

4.  Nest Villa, Karjat

Sit back and watch at one of the best villas in Karjat and watch it’s enchanting allure unfolds upon me since nowhere else will you see natural beauty bloom to its peak or be enveloped in it. With a private pool to cool down in, a balcony to watch the most incredible sunsets, and lush grounds to run around on, Nest Villa is a 3 BHK spectacular refuge created only for you and your loved ones. Nest Villa is all about the contemporary, whimsical décor, combined with the roomy bedrooms, gorgeous baths and selfie corners everywhere.

5.  Casablanca Villa, Igatpuri

3BHK Casablanca Villa in Igatpuri has a spotless pool with amazing submerged seats, overflowing with the supernatural views of valleys and lush foliage. Soaking in the tranquil pool adjacent to a beautiful pool hammock with a warm gazebo and a plush outdoor bar is an architectural phenomenon with a blend of elaborate and contemporary interior decor. Our magnificent and picturesque villa is available to you for an exciting evening of pool and poker and is one of the best villa near Lonavala

6.  Ranch Villa, Nashik

A home unlike any other, The Ranch Villa is a 4 BHk Villa that is located on a stud farm and boasts of an outhouse that has two bedrooms. With its green grounds and swimming pool, it will transport you to another planet. has exteriors and interiors that blend colonial, timber, and modern styles and exude an enchanting old-world charm.

Work up an appetite for a barbecue on the grounds and enjoy the breathtaking views with loved ones. Spend the entire day admiring the magnificent surroundings, which change from brightly illuminated days to starry nights, while riding horses at the on-site stud farm at an additional cost, or just relax indoors with your loved ones.

7.  Sunshine Villa, Karjat

The 6BHK Sunshine Villa in Karjat is the stuff of summertime fantasies and wintertime cheers! White interiors that brighten gloomy winter days and keep you cool in the summer at one of the best villas in Karjat The doctor will undoubtedly recommend an outdoor balcony with a seating area and projector for entertaining family nights. When you get to Karjat, this lovely vacation property is waiting for you to be photographed at

8.  Titanium Villa, Lonavala

Titanium Villa is the ideal choice for your next vacation because it is a 3BHK lavish villa with a pool that offers you the best at one of the private villas in Lonavala. a seamless blending of tastefully decorated interiors with a dash of rustic charm. Enjoy the limitless views of mountains and meadows from any of the balconies, or start the day with a lavish breakfast on the lawns.

9.  Kiwi Villa, Lonavala

If you believed that nirvana could only be attained in the heavens, the 5 BHK Kiwi Villa in Lonavala is the ideal location for you to do so at one of the best private villas in Lonavala. With its simple décor, modern furnishings, attractive pool deck area, and Buddha statue on the verandah, this inconspicuous jewel set atop a hill is the ideal location to relax with your loved ones and capture memories of a lifetime here!