How to Draw Deku

Deku Drawing
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How to Draw Deku. Deku, or more specifically, Izuku Midoriya, is the protagonist of the anime and manga series My Hero Academia.

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Unlike most superheroes, Deku was born without superpowers. Because of this, he spent his entire life pursuing his dream of becoming a hero.

The extreme popularity of Deku has created a great demand for a free tutorial on how to draw Deku. Well, you asked for it, so we delivered it to Draw Deku.

Finally, we have created a step-by-step process of how to draw Deku simplified with nine easy steps and simple illustrations.

How to Draw Deku

Step 1

Starting at the top of the paper, draw an irregular circular shape that will form Deku’s head. Note that the shape should have a greater width than length.

Avoid applying too much pressure with the pencil when drawing the outlines. It’s important to draw the shape with a light stroke so you can easily remove unnecessary parts of the shape that you don’t need later.

Step 2

Enclose one ear on either side of the head by drawing semi-circle shapes. This creates both of Deku’s ears.

The two ears should be as even and aligned as possible. You can use reference lines to ensure the ears are drawn within the same plane as Draw Deku.

Step 3

Draw several spiky shapes to create Deku’s unique hairstyle. Be sure to add spiky tufts of hair that stick out – it’s one of Deku’s most distinctive traits!

Also, remember to erase the overlapping line from the outline inside the hair with an eraser! This helps keep your drawing refined and, most importantly, clean and tidy to Draw Deku.

Step 4

Just below the head, draw two parallel curved lines forming the collar of Deku’s shirt. Then draw two vertical lines on each side with a horizontal line at the bottom to create the shirt itself.

As shown in the figure, Deku’s head is larger than his body. That’s how it really should be to Draw Deku!

Step 5

Structure both of Deku’s legs directly under his torso. To achieve this, draw a vertical rectangular shape with a cuff at the bottom to create a pant leg.

Then draw a similar figure on the opposite side, and that’s it: Deku is now wearing pants rolled up!

Step 6

Draw a thick shoe, pointing in opposite directions, on the bottom of each leg. Make sure that the shape and size of the shoes are identical to Draw Deku.

Step 7

Continue by drawing a narrow, angled shape that will form the arms. Next, draw a clenched fist that connects directly to each arm.

As you can see in the image, Deku’s arms point in opposite directions to Draw Deku.

Step 8

In this step, we’ll work on Deku’s facial features. We’ll start with the eyes and work our way to the mouth.

Draw Deku

Draw two large irregular circles side by side to create Deku’s eyes. Next, draw a standing oval shape with an inner oval shape in each eye to create the pupil and iris, respectively.

Next, draw a small overlapping circle on the pupil. Next, shade the entire iris to Draw Deku.

To create the freckles, draw smaller dots under each eye on both cheeks. Then draw a wide curved line in the middle to put a big smile on Deku’s face.

Step 9

Use the illustration as a guide to drawing the patterns on the collar, shirt, sleeve, pants, belt, and shoes. Make sure you don’t leave anything out to complete Deku’s signature battle suit!

Deku Drawing

Remember to outline the middle of Deku’s hair, following the shape of his hair!

Now that we’ve successfully drawn Deku, it’s time for the part you’ve probably been waiting for: picking colors and coloring your drawing!

This is where you can show off your artistic skills and mix and match different colors.

Deku has dark green hair, while his dress is the same as his hair color, but there are some black and white colored parts. His belt and shoes, on the other hand, are red.

You can use Deku’s original color scheme or a unique color set. Either way, we’re sure the colors will turn out gorgeous!

Your Deku Drawing is Finished!

Kevin Peter