Is Chameleon Tint Legal UK In 2023?

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Chameleon tint has become extremely popular in the UK. It is a modification that mainly depends on the color of the film. It may change upon the lighting, weather, angle and temperature. Hence, it never looks the same, however the big question is whether it is legal or not. In case you want to stand out in the crowd, green chameleon tint is the way to go. As with basic car window tint, it comes with different advantages, however there are a few legalities that you should be aware of. Whether you are looking to install a chameleon tint in your car or you are here to learn whether it is legal in the UK in 2023 or not, here is a quick guide!

Why Do People Love Chameleon Tint?

Though a chameleon tint isn’t preferred by everyone, the major advantage that comes with it is that it enhances the aesthetics of the car. But, there are other advantages of a chameleon tint, including:

  • Glare reduction
  • Different colors and shades
  • ‘Heat reduction and UV protection
  • ‘Glass held together by tint in case it is shattered
  • Enhanced privacy and security

Legalities Around Chameleon Tint in the UK in 2023

The most common question that we often come across is whether chameleon tint is legal or illegal in the UK. A straight answer to this question is yes, but only if it allows around 75% of visual light transmission through your window.

As determined by the government of the UK ” the front windscreen of your car should let at least 75% light through and the front side windows should let at least 70% light through. Hence, as long as your chameleon tint allows 75% of the light through, it is legal.

To make sure your car is legal on the road before chameleon tint on your windscreen, you either have to use a film which guarantees 75% of the light through. You may visit a professional to help you do so. We suggest going to a professional since only a professional has the window tint meter to ensure your windscreen is legal. Anything less than 75% makes your chameleon tint illegal. Anything more than 75% is even better.

It is also worth mentioning that many car manufacturers tend to tint the windscreen from the factory. Hence, you have to consider the factory tint for your car as well as chameleon tint, with regards to the percentage of light that it allows to pass through.

Which Chameleon Tint is the Best?

A unique advantage of chameleon tint is that it is available in a wide variety of shades and colors, while green chameleon tint is the most popular. Other colors include blue, purple, orange, and red. However, there are several colors to choose from. As far as different shades are concerned, the most popular ones include the aqua, cadbury finish or sunset, and they all make your car stand out on the road.  Anyway, yes, chameleon tint is legal in the UK in 2023.

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