Is it possible to get your free health check-up by health ATM? 

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Superfast medical check-in and hassle-free may become a reality soon, thanks to an ATM-like kiosk that helps people to walk in and test for more than 55 advanced and basic pathology tests and instant reports.  

A health ATM device is a self-monitoring diagnostic system. It is easy to use the kiosk system with its easy interface. A person with basic computer knowledge can easily manage the operation of a kiosk machine.  

What types of tests are conducted by health kiosks  

Currently, the kiosk machine can provide more than 58 types of tests, like dengue, malaria, blood glucose, hemoglobin, HIV, typhoid, urine tests, etc. The high-tech diagnostic system offers test reports instantly within fewer minutes.  

Usually, it takes some hours to days to get the health reports. Health kiosks are clinics on cloud-made devices that revolutionize healthcare centers.  

How to use the health kiosk  

Before going to use the health ATM, you should learn every single step to use it in a perfect way. Here are the important steps that you should follow to use the health kiosk in the right manner.  

  1. Registration  

The first-time user will be required to follow the one-time registration process to access the kiosk machine by entering their name, mobile number, birth date, gender, and location. There are options also available for fingerprint scanners and user photographs.  

  1. OTP verification  

Once the process of registration is completed, you will get the OTP to verify your details. After entering the OTP, you are logged in to the options page.  

  1. Options in description  

Once you finish the login process, you can get the three options to select. The options offer you are  

  • Health check-up 

All the options available on health ATM India for the health test parameters fall in this category. There are more than 55 options available for health tests. All the health reports are generated in PDF format, which is forwarded and saved into email IDs.  

  • Doctor consultation  

Live video consultations with healthcare providers are enabled easily with kiosk machines. Doctors can also prescribe medicine easily to their patients, and this contributes to improving their health.  

The best thing is that users can get the print of the prescription copy and save it to their history page at the health kiosk.  

  • Health history 

The health reports of patients generated by kiosk machines will be saved time, date, and location wise in the segment. Users can easily view the previous email and report or take the print of health information.  

With the help of the health ATm machine, users can also track their health records by choosing the graphical trend pattern option. The patient can also access the previous prescriptions from the kiosk machine.  


Health kiosks are a great innovation for the healthcare sector that improves primary healthcare. It is easy for patients to attach the external lab reports through USB or upload the same reports, or download them by email through a kiosk machine.  

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