Is Your Mattress Killing your Back? 

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Are you started experiencing the pain the next morning whenever you wake up from your bed? It’s a sign that you must put attention to your mattress. 

Back pain is a clear symptom of underlying issues. So, when you feel sharp pains and dull aches, it’s your body that is telling you ‘Something needs to change.

That’s the reason today people are more attentive to buying the best mattress for back pain due to many health problems.

So, read on till the end to know how to know if you are sleeping on the wrong mattress and solutions for that. 

Why Back of Person Hurts in Bed?

The study found that back pain has significantly increased disability-adjusted life-years (DALYs) across all age groups.

This might be a result of longer workdays, a more sedentary lifestyle, and increased office work.

Simply put, if you’re having back pain when you’re in bed, you need to address an underlying issue.It might be a physical ailment, stress, or even poor posture.

The majority of back pain sufferers have strained muscles. Incorrect posture, such as slouching on the couch or not sitting up straight at the computer, can cause certain muscles to contract repeatedly.

Since there is no pressure on them right now or when you’re up and moving around, you might not sense it. However, those delicate stressed, and injured muscles become disturbed when your back strikes an unsupportive bed.

And those muscles suffer because of the additional pressure on the damaged area of your back.

Sleeping on Bad Mattress? – 10 Sings You Never Ignore

  1. Wake up with Sore Back –Every morning when you wake up complaining of back discomfort, the mattress and your sleeping position are probably to blame. An outdated mattress or one that is excessively soft for you can cause your spine undue stress, resulting in morning back pain.
  2. Tossing & Turning all Night –You can have a rough night’s sleep because of an uncomfortable mattress. Your inability to find a comfortable sleeping posture may be the cause of your constant tossing and turning, which can aggravate your back discomfort.
  3. The mattress seems to eat your up –Your back problems may be caused if you feel like you’re sinking into your mattress and your spine can’t stay in a neutral position.
  4. The mattress is either too soft or hard –Your spine may begin to suffer from a mattress that is too soft for you before you even realize it. Joint pressure results from a too-hard mattress. To address this problem, the majority of sleep professionals advise choosing a medium-firm orthopedic mattress.
  5. A mattress is new –Our bodies frequently require some time to become used to new sleeping surfaces. Lower back pain may be brought on by a new mattress if you start to experience back pain after switching to a new one. Just allow your body some time to get used to it.
  6. Sleeping on Aged Mattress –Sleep experts strongly advise replacing a mattress every 7-8 years. The mattress is likely to become worn out, thus the explanation. Not only that, but over time, our body weight, sleeping patterns, and bone density all change. This necessitates getting a new mattress with the ideal level of firmness and support. So, buy the best mattress online from The Sleep Company today.
  7. Feel Tired all the Time –Your morning mood may be directly influenced by your mattress. If you suffer from weariness and back issues, you should consider first looking at your mattress.
  8. A good night seems to be a dream –A comfortable mattress is a prerequisite for restful sleep. Your existing mattress might not be the best one for you if you don’t feel rested on it.
  9. Wake up during Night –Your sleeping environment can be directly linked to any type of sleep disorder. Your mattress, which serves as the bedrock of your sleeping area, is essential to achieving restful sleep.
  10. A mattress is Saggy & Uneven –Many sleep specialists believe that resting on an outdated, bumpy mattress increases the risk of developing persistent back discomfort. Watch out for any obvious sagging in the mattress, especially in the center, as this is very bad for the health of your spine.

The best mattress for back pain is referred to as an orthopedic mattress since it was created with the specific support that your body requires while you sleep in your mind. It won’t sag and can adjust to any sleeping position for a sound night’s sleep.

Time to Buy the Best Mattress for Back Pain 

As previously said, a person spends roughly three decades of his or her life in bed. It’s imperative to spend money on a top-notch mattress after so many years of living on one.

The Sleep Company is committed to providing high-quality, long-lasting products so that you can have a good night’s sleep. The SmartGRID technology provides the back and spine with the ideal support. The online mattress also comes with a 10-year limited guarantee, increasing your return on investment.

Therefore, make sure to look at the best mattress for back pain from The Sleep Company’s mattress variety before deciding on another brand.