Meal Replacement Shake Vs Protein Shake | What’s Difference?

Protein Shake Vs Meal Replacement Shake
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People often add meal replacement shake or protein shake into their diet to achieve dietary needs. However, most of them are unaware of the difference between them. What do you think they have the same uses and are suitable for everyone? Let’s discuss and answer all questions.

What is Meal Replacement Shake and How to Use it?

A meal replacement shakes nutritionally balanced meal alternative formulated using fibre, fats, protein and other vitamins and minerals. Depending on the brand, meal replacement shakes have a different ratio of nutrients and carbs.

Meal replacements are used to replace meals, lower calorie intake and assist with weight loss. There are many benefits to using meal replacement shakes for weight loss in your diet. Some are –

  • Affordable and cost less than any regular meal or fast food you eat.
  • They are convenient and easy to transport. You can take a drink in your handbag.
  • Made with a blend of nutrients and are more nutritionally balanced than any other meal.
  • Quick and easy for people with busy lifestyles who have less time to eat healthy meals.
  • Drinking a meal replacement shake allows you to control calorie intake and achieve weight loss goals.

You will find various meal replacement shakes in the market, but all are not equal. Depending on goals, an individual can choose a meal replacement shake. Prefer a shake rich in protein and fats and lower in carbs to achieve weight loss goals. If you have diabetes, ensure your shake doesn’t contain sugar and other artificial sweeteners. Go with a nutritionally balanced meal replacement shake if you want to eat healthy meals.

What is Protein Shake and How Are They Different from MRS?

Protein shakes have differences from MRS, depending on the intent to use and nutritional profiles. Protein shakes are used to increase protein intake in your diet. They are not for replacing a meal and don’t promote weight loss. Bodybuilders and athletes intake protein shakes because they have more protein requirements than a regular person.

Protein shakes are formulated using whey, soy or casein protein isolate and have artificial sweetener or sugar for taste. Whereas healthiest meal replacement shakes have protein, fats and many other vitamins and minerals the body needs.

Can Protein Shake Replace Meal Replacement Shake?

In short, protein shakes don’t have the prime nutrients that should be featured in a healthy meal, including fibre, fats, low GI carbohydrates, or vitamins and minerals. Replacing a meal with a protein shake can lead to nutrient deficiency.

Both products have several differences that are important to understand before incorporating these products into your diet. One should consult a dietitian or doctor before including these products if one has any medical condition.

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