Microsoft Azure training: How to obtain the official “Azure Data Engineer Associate” certification?

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Microsoft Azure training: How to obtain the official “Azure Data Engineer Associate” certification?

Joining a data engineer training on Microsoft Azure will allow you to strengthen your skills in cloud computing and pass the DP-203 exam, a precious key to obtaining the official Microsoft certification: Azure Data Engineer Associate. Adding this official certification to your resume helps you stand out and increase your chances of landing a well-paying job.

With the advent of the cloud and its technologies, the world of data is in turmoil. To be able to analyze their data but also to optimize and secure it, companies call on data engineers. Digital transformation and the growing importance of data in business make it one of the most demanded professions. Let’s look at the main missions of an Azure Data Engineer and the prerequisites for training for the Microsoft Azure certification, which is very popular with recruiters.

What is the DP-203: Azure Data Engineer Associate exam?

The Microsoft Azure Data Engineer Associate certification is for data engineers who want to use Microsoft Azure to process a company’s data and help understand and analyze it. The DP-203 exam, therefore, aims to prove your ability to organize the data storage of a company or organization. By passing it, you will prove that you can design and develop data processing and ensure the security of this data. At the end of the training and passing the exam, you will also be able to monitor and optimize the storage and processing of data. Finally, you will also have to prove that you are able to use Azure services and languages ​​to store, clean, and improve your company’s datasets and optimize all the Azure services set up within it to manage the data.

Data Engineer Associate Certification

Once you have obtained the DP-203 certification, you will have the Azure Data Engineer Associate title. This title will open the doors to many companies and confirm your data engineering skills and in-depth knowledge of Microsoft Azure.

Be sure that once the certification is affixed to your CV, it will not fail to attract the attention of recruiters. The skills obtained during the DP-203 training and passing the exam will prove that you can quickly get your bearings on Microsoft Azure and know how to adapt to a company’s data environment to optimize better use of its data.

What are the missions and skills of an Azure Data Engineer?

Companies face a growing need for data engineers. Using Microsoft Azure, this professional uses different services and programming languages ​​to store and produce clean and optimized datasets for analysis.

On Microsoft Azure, data engineers also ensure the maintenance of the performance, organization, and reliability of pipelines and Azure data warehouses that allow the transport and storage of data.

In addition, this data professional is responsible for effectively dealing with unanticipated problems that the company may encounter and aims to reduce data loss. Finally, Azure data engineers are also responsible for designing, implementing, monitoring, and optimizing data management platforms. These platforms make it possible to collect, organize and activate data from different sources and present it in a usable format.

These skills will be taught during Azure Course in Chandigarh and will allow you to pass the DP-203 exam and officially become an Azure Data Engineer Associate.

What are the prerequisites to join Azure training?

Before embarking on DP-203, which leads to certification, it is recommended that you have passed the AZ-900 and DP-900 exams beforehand.

You will also need a solid foundation in data processing. You must also have a good level of English, as the exam will be conducted in the language of Shakespeare. In addition, you will need to master the SQL, Python, or Scala programming languages. Finally, it is advisable to understand parallel processing and data architecture models to be able to progress easily throughout the Azure training course.

DP-203 certification a professional boost

Do you already work as a data engineer within a company? By passing the DP-203 exam, you will be eligible for a job change and, therefore, a salary change. Indeed, all the knowledge obtained during the training and confirmed by passing the exam will ensure your expertise in the use of Microsoft Azure regarding data analysis and management. In the months following your certification or your hiring, if you are not yet part of the company, your superiors will not fail to see concrete results of your work, in particular precise analyzes of the data leading to positive decisions for the company’s activity.

Do you already have a good foundation in Microsoft Azure and have passed the AZ-900 and DP-900 exams? Do you understand data architecture patterns well and are proficient in SQL, Python, or Scala programming languages? So, it’s time to take the plunge and register for a certified Azure Training in chandigarh to become a Microsoft Azure Data Engineer Associate! Most of the training, like the final exam, is done online. You can, therefore, easily access it no matter where you live. On the other hand, many training courses offered by Microsoft Learning Partners can be financed by the Professional Training Account and also offers financing plans allowing you to pay in installments. This will give you all the flexibility you need to follow your training in good conditions and prepare for the DP-203 exam.

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