Mixhubb Vs Zoom : Which One Is The Better Webinar Platform

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Webinars are booming nowadays. With a sharp rise in the use of digital solutions, most small scale startups and businesses are preferring these online webinar platforms for running promotional campaigns. In addition to this, audiences are finding it very easy to attend the event from their respective remote locations. Keeping this in mind, the blog is all about a healthy comparison between two platforms – Mixhubb and Zoom. So, without wasting any time, let’s explore and find out which one is the better solution from the above.

Webinar Services : Quick Introduction

Webinars are video presentations that take place over the internet. With the help of webinars, global audiences can easily connect with each other. Additionally, there are two broad categories of webinars namely – live and recorded ones. The live webinar, as its name suggests, takes place in real time. On the other hand, recorded webinars are made for those audiences who miss the live webinar due to any sort of circumstance.


Mixhubb is a one-stop solution that can handle all of your event needs. This platform offers best-in-class capabilities to increase the productivity of your session, regardless of the size of the event. It essentially functions as a self-managed platform where you can create your own events.

 It is a platform that is very easily customizable, highly scalable, and very flexible to utilize. Furthermore, there is a lot to discover on Mixhubb, including webinars, video conferencing, conferences, and live studios. The platform is respectable since it enjoys the support of well-known companies like Lenovo, Tech Mahindra, GSK, and many more.

Salient Features 

  • The platform enables the construction of lovely registration pages for gathering the crucial information from event participants. Additionally, users can create their own microsites using templates from the system’s repository.
  • This platform’s connectivity with third-party apps and platforms is one of its main benefits. Additionally, it is crucial if you plan to monetize your event and use any kind of payment mechanism for the purpose.
  • The site has a suitable broadcasting studio so you can stream your session live as well. Additionally, this platform is a great option for hosting on-demand webinars.
  • The software functions smoothly and maintains maximum audience involvement during the session thanks to the inclusion of amazing networking opportunities like live chat, video calls, live polls, and real-time feedback.
  • The show booths are completely scalable from the outset. Additionally, you may alter the lobby design, create engaging landing pages, and perform a lot more tasks with this platform.


A well-known cloud-based application called Zoom offers a wide range of online services to organizations and planners alike. Hosting online video conferences, webinars, and personal meetings has been a breeze with this platform. One-on-one meetings, in-session live chat, and many more features are some of this platform’s key highlights. Regarding its features, some of the platform’s standout attributes include:

Salient Features 

  • This platform includes a built-in chat function for networking that performs well from a discussion standpoint. Additionally, the platform allows for simultaneous screen sharing, whiteboarding, and sharing of documents in any format, all of which enable group collaboration.
  • Any third-party teleconferencing service can be easily integrated on this platform. Zoom also offers a personal URL and the option to establish a distinctive meeting ID. The participants in the event can sign up at this URL.
  • This platform’s accessibility feature is its main selling point. With this, any audience member with a disability can schedule, go to the event, and take part in it with just a single click.
  • Zoom offers cloud-based features including the ability to record HD audio and video, as well as a dual-stream feature for several displays. You can also join the session as an attendee or through a Zoom room.

Picking The Best Choice 

The selection of the best platform is a win-win situation for the event sponsors. Additionally, if you go with a credible source, your chances of audience engagement automatically increase. From the above two platforms, the ultimate selection depends on different factors. Here is a checklist that needs your consideration before picking the final one.

  • The cost effectiveness of the platform
  • The features platform is offering in affordable prices 
  • The credibility of the platform or service you’re preferring.
  • Try to collect valuable information from the users itself. 

Closing  Lines 

It doesn’t say which type of platform you’re going to prefer for your next event. Zoom offers most of the services which are free of cost. On first glance, they might be eye -catching because you’re getting to host your webinar session for free. In addition to this, there are many limitations over the time period as well as the features on this platform. On the other hand, if you’re using any professional virtual webinar platform, you’ll get everything you need to customize your event.   

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