Mumbai helicopter Ride: All you need to know

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A helicopter joyride 700 feet above the municipality of dreams is a wonderful way to see the skylines and surrounding areas. Enjoy the 360-degree panorama view of the cityscape with your loved ones.

The Robinson R44, a three-person transport vehicle, takes you to the starting point by using unique routes that cover the most distance in the shortest time. This helicopter ride in Mumbai is a great alternative to traveling by water and land, and allows you to explore Mumbai.


15 Minute:

Juhu Beach, Andheri Beach, Powai. Vihar Lake. Film City Goregaon. Return to the beach (east). (South)

Fly direct from Andheri and Pagoda via the fields of Malad, Andheri and Santacruz to return via Pagoda (North)

20 Minute:

View of Santacruz Airport, Juhu Beach and Powai, Mulund, Film City Goregaon (Eastern).

Antellia (South), Chowpatti and Wankhade, Worli Sea Link. Bandra, Juhu Beach. Mumbai Central (South).

Andheri, Juhu Beach and Essel World, Water Kingdom and Santacruz Airport. Malad, Goregaon and a loop around Pagoda. Essel World on the return. (Left, heading North)

30 MInute:

Juhu Beach and Andheri Beach, Pagoda and Essel World The Water Kingdom, then towards the Goregaon Municipality and Powai Lake and Vihar Lake and Santacruz Airport View (Looking north and south)

Worli Sea Link and Dadar are all within walking distance of each other.

60 Minute:

Mumbai’s neighborhoods include Juhu Beach and Andheri as well as Essel World, Water Kingdoms, Goregaon Film City Powai Lake, Vashi and Navi.

Worli Sea link, Marine Drive. Antellia. Chowpatti. Wankhade. Church Gate. Elephanta Caves.

Summary of the Mumbai Helicopter Lift

  • Juhu Airport, Mumbai, is in an exertion situation
  • The business is open daily from 1100 to 404.
  • To see the top lodestones of the municipality, you’ll likely take a different route every time.
  • Air Traffic Control (ATC) is responsible for approving the routes and can make any changes without notice.
  • As you soar 700 feet above the ground, your excitement will increase and you can see the entire Mumbai city from the air.
  • Famous landmarks include Juhu Beach and Aksa Beach as well as Film City (Madh Island), Gorai Beach and Pagoda.
  • A Robinson R44 helicopter is used for the helicopter lift. It can carry a maximum of three passengers.

Important Information

  • Please arrive 45 minutes before departure for passengers
  • Passengers must present a government-issued photo ID to gain entry to the harborage or field. International passengers will need their passport.
  • Parking is not available at the harborage or field.
  • The gates will be closed 45 minutes before departure. Late arrivals will not be accepted and will result in no points or refunds.
  • Passengers who arrive without their original print identification will be considered No Shows. They will not be counted or given a refund. International passengers will need to bring their passport.
  • It is not permissible to board passengers who are impaired by alcohol, anesthetics, or munitions.

What Helicopter Pilots Newly Hired Need to Know

Flying thousands of feet above ground is a once in a lifetime experience. A helicopter lift is more thrilling because you can see places closer and further than from an aeroplane window.

Anxiety and trepidation are common for novice riders. Here are some guidelines that will help you have a safe, enjoyable ride.

Before the Lift:

Choose a similar business to Heli Services that can offer you a safe helicopter lift. As soon as possible, request a morning schedule. Morning flights are more likely to land smoothly and offer better visibility.

Pay attention to any safety instructions given during the briefing and avoid asking silly questions. Dress in long pants and a light jacket because it can be cold. To block the light from reaching the helicopter’s windows, wear dark, plain-colored clothing.

Accessory items such as necklaces, hats, sunglasses and loose jewelry are not recommended. You should not have keys, wallets or phones in your hands as they could be lost while the plane is moving.

As you approach the helicopter, keep still so that a crewmember can help you. Walking from the rear of the helicopter can be dangerous due to the tail propellers. Approach the aircraft from the front. As you approach the helicopter from the front, let your belongings fall to the ground. Don’t try to catch them.

All the way through the Journey

Be sure to read the instructions carefully, especially those regarding the use of your seatbelt and seat assignment. Also, be aware of whether you are allowed to move around the aircraft. Flash reverse: The weight of passengers determines the seat assignment. This is because the helicopter’s weight must be balanced to ensure it can fly safely and correctly.

A camera neck belt is necessary if there are no doors on the helicopter. Also, make sure you have a quick film and settings camera.

Follow the Lift

Before you get out of the helicopter, keep watching for the signal from the birdman. You should exit the helicopter the same way as you entered it. Keep your eyes open and look ahead.

These recommendations are meant to help you enjoy your first helicopter ride. Heli Services guarantees that our clients will not only have the most luxurious helicopter ride they’ve ever had, but that it is also safe and easy to access.

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