Murder Mystery Events for You and Your Friends

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If you’re looking for a fun and engaging way to spend an evening with friends, family, or colleagues, try hosting a murder mystery night! Not only will you be able to put on your detective hats and work together to solve the case, but you can also choose from a variety of themes ranging from the roaring 20’s to modern day contemporary plays. Whether you want to host the best murder mystery night privately or join us for a murder mystery weekend away, we have the perfect event for you.

Choose Your Theme 

When it comes to hosting a murder mystery event, one of the most important decisions is choosing the theme. Will it be set in the 1920s during prohibition? Will it take place at a glamorous masquerade ball? Or perhaps you would prefer something more modern like a sci-fi themed whodunit? Whatever theme you decide on, make sure that everyone involved has an idea of what kind of evening they’ll be attending. This way they can dress up appropriately and get into character. 

Gather Your Guests 

The next step is gathering your guests. Depending on how many people are coming, this could mean sending out invitations or simply giving them a call and letting them know about the event. Make sure that everyone knows what time they should arrive and where they should meet so there’s no confusion on the day of the event. It’s also important to let everyone know if there will be food available or if they should bring their own snacks and drinks for the evening. 

Investigate The Scene 

Once everyone has arrived at your venue, it’s time to start investigating! Put all your detective skills to work as you look for clues, question suspects and attempt to uncover who was responsible for committing this heinous crime! Give each person their own character card so they know who they are supposed to be playing throughout the night and then let them loose in search of answers! Work together as a team or split up into smaller groups – whatever works best for your group size – just make sure that everyone keeps an eye out for any clues that could help solve this mysterious case!      

Murder mystery events are an exciting way to spend an evening with friends or family members. With our wide selection of themes ranging from classic plays set in 1930s Chicago to modern day mysteries set in outer space – there is something here for everyone! So don’t wait any longer – gather your guests together and get ready for an evening filled with intrigue, suspense and fun as you investigate who committed these crimes! Call 07792114861 today and let us help plan an unforgettable night full of surprises!


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