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Successful entrepreneurship is often associated with daring to take risks, with perseverance and with tons of energy, creativity and inspiration. However, the core lies in the passion for entrepreneurship. The researchers wanted to  know what exactly this passion for entrepreneurship entails  and they started from a  generally accepted definition  of passion. In this definition,  2 components are  important.

Passion is about  experiencing intense, positive feelings . An entrepreneur with fire and enthusiasm experiences this aspect of passion. In addition, the term also includes the  extent to which people identify with entrepreneurship : how important is entrepreneurship to me as a person? It answers the question, “who am I?” Those who have a passion for entrepreneurship then answer: “I am an entrepreneur.”

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Concept Of Entrepreneur

The concept of entrepreneur is further unraveled in the study  . Under the general heading of entrepreneurship,  three roles are  described: the  inventor , the  founder  or the  developer . The inventors are mainly concerned with coming up with new ideas and solutions. Initially, the founders want to realize their ideas and effectively set up a company. Finally, the developers find the most pleasure and energy in growing and expanding companies. Some entrepreneurs clearly identify with one role, others can find themselves in several roles.

One thing is certain,  the more passion  you put into each of these roles,  the more motivated you will be . “ To succeed you have to believe in something with such a passion that it becomes reality ”, stated Anita Roddick, the passionate founder of The Body Shop. The question is, of course, how can you stimulate and then maintain the passion for entrepreneurship?

Entrepreneurs Experience

The  passion  that entrepreneurs experience for establishing a company can  melt away due to unrealistic expectations . Starters often start with a lot of dedication, but that can change quickly. A disastrous evolution, since there is a positive relationship between entrepreneurial passion and the success of the start-up company.

A  better assessment of the market  is already a possible way to avoid this decline. The earlier you approach potential customers, the smaller the chance of negative experiences when establishing a company. Still, it was surprising and somewhat disturbing to the researchers to see that during the year they followed these BRYOs, there was a marked drop in their positive feelings about starting a business. The interviews with the BRYOs show that  role models can have  a  positive influence  .

Type Of Entrepreneur

It is true that not every type of entrepreneur qualifies as a role model. Sounding names or speakers who bring the big success stories can even decrease the passion for entrepreneurs. A starting entrepreneur benefits most from people who tell a recognizable story. Entrepreneurs who have had a story of trial and error and who tell a realistic and nuanced story about it are the best role models for them.

Finally, the study shows that  as a starter you can take action yourself  to be passionate about entrepreneurship. In this phase, it is especially important that you play to your strengths as a starter and possibly look for complementary partners for those that suit you less.

important for all entrepreneurs

Forming a team is not always possible, but that does not have to be an obstacle. The interviews for this study clearly show that the passion for the different entrepreneurial roles (inventor, founder, developer) can shift over time. 

In any case, it is important for all entrepreneurs (regardless of type) to step outside their own comfort zone, so that passion for other aspects of entrepreneurship can grow. The study concludes that  programs to stimulate entrepreneurship should be  action-oriented  and not stuck in the idea tank stage.  

Kevin Peter