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nandi hill
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Nandi Hills 

Nandi Hills is not an unknown place for many residents of Bangalore. Ask any Bangalorean whether they know any place for a swift escape that is away from the city for a road trip, and you’ll only get one answer and that is the ‘Nandi Hills. Individuals can have a relaxed atmosphere with some magnificent views of dusk and dawn and the remains of the fortress constructed by the eighteenth-century ruler Tippu Sultan. This place is surrounded by many mountain ranges resting across Tumkur–Chikkaballapur-Kolar ranges. The foothills of Nandi Hills are known as the birthplace of the Arcavathy River, and this site is a spiritual place because of its ancient sanctuaries.


Nandi Hills has become a fascinating area due to its climatic conditions. Settled in the lawns of Muddenahalli, of Sir M Vishveswaraih, one of the most incredible architects of India.

One finds this landscape as a blend of rock-strewn and green-clad terrain, with some extraordinary creatures. If you have ever looked into the sky amidst the clouds, then the thick haze and mist-filled will just freshen you up.

Walking along the slope and fortress for some great perspectives, you’ll see the highlighting cut curves and those grand columns with intricate paint on their walls. You can visit Nandi Hills on the weekend to recharge a little by catching the glimpse of the sunrise. 

Nandi Hills FAQ

1. Starting point: Chikballapur, Karnataka

2. Trek level: Easy. It is a continuous uphill trail with some rising and falling segments. The starting section is just some easy stair climbing.

3. Approximate time: 2 to 3 hours

4. Water sources: None. You have to carry at least 2 liters of water before the trek.

5. Best months to visit: Nandi Hills: Regardless of when you want to take a break from the busy city life you can plan an outing to Nandi Hills without the fear of getting some unpleasant climate. The summers in that place can get a little hot during the afternoons. So visit in the late spring while ensuring your excursions are all sorted out in the early morning. You would not want to experience mud during the monsoons.

6. Timings: You can visit the Nandi hills from 6 AM to 6 PM every day. On weekends, just try to get there as early as possible because there going to be a lot of traffic.

7. Entry Fees: 20 INR per person

8. Bike parking charges: Rs. 30 

9. Car Parking charges: Rs. 125 

10. Car Parking fee near Sunrise point: Rs. 175.

Nandi hills to Bangalore

By Road:  60 km

Take the Bangalore-Hyderabad roadway, and after Devanahalli bypass takes a left at Nandi cross, then just drive straight till dead end Karahalli cross, turn left and continue, and after that take the first right, you will get up at Nandi slopes. There are numerous parking spaces.

By train: The nearest rail station is at Chikkaballapur, which is almost 9 km away from Nandi slopes. Take the Chikballapur passenger 8:40 AM train from Bangalore and get down at Nandi station. Then you can take an auto to Nandi Hills.At 4:00 PM, a return train leaves.

Nandi hills Karnataka Flora and Fauna

You have to be careful with the mischievous monkeys at the Sanctuary. The territory is exceptional, rock and gravel-scattered in certain spots. The slopes are rich in drifting species that is making it a famous area for birdwatchers. A pair of Shaheen Falcons, the Peregrine Falcon is sometimes frequently observed here. The Malabar Whistling Thrush is additionally found here. The slopes are the place of the Yellow-throated Bulbul. Sometimes, you might see some rare wildflowers of the Western Ghats on the trails

Nandi Hills Trek Things to See

The grand five slopes that structure the Nandi Hills are,  Nandi Giri, Skandagiri, Channagiri, Brahmagiri, and Hemagiri. And among them, Brahmagiri Hill is famously known as Nandi One.It is Nandi Hill’s twin peak. Channagiri, Skandagiri, and Nandi Giri are seen from the Brahmagiri trail. And the last Hemagiri is behind Nandigiri.

The whole path is just like roaming in eucalyptus vegetation. The scent of eucalyptus permeates the space. The trees swing with the cold wind and you will experience an unexpected temperature drop while trekking Nandi Hills.

Clasp the flying perspective on enclosing grape plantations, homesteads, and the town of Chikballapur. A few farms around the Nandi Hills develop grapes that are used to make grape wine. Alongside grape plantations, you will also see banana, maize, and rice farms.

Consider your expedition to the top. Try to be calm and close your eyes for five minutes. Feel nature and it feels like your body is getting loosened up naturally and setting itself to slip extraordinarily. 

As you step inside the old fort, try to contract down your eyelids to see the dim world. The climate up to the slope represents the greenery with the same shading. 

There is more as you approach closer, the air of ashy hint begins blurring continued, and the image will only get brighter. And maybe this is how walking among the clouds feels.

The hill is covered in mist. Moving and sliding with the breeze. The breeze would be high up there, brush through your hair and wash that sluggish face tenderly. 


The Nandi Hill Trek is full of experience. And also for kids, this trip is very pleasant. To be familiar with trekking and the outdoors, there cannot be a better trip.

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