Do I Need A Tiller Handle For My Outboard?

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There are five primary alternatives to think about if you’re in the market for a new outboard motor. power, steering, start, trim, and shaft length. Boat parts from PartsVu are the best place for buying and getting free consultancy in case of any damage and maintenance. You may choose whether or not to use a boat tiller handle for steering. Depending on how you want to utilize your motor, the answer will vary.

Let’s start out by responding to a simple query. A tiller handle is what? A tiller handle is “a bar or lever affixed to the head of a rudder, for turning the rudder in steering,” according to Although this explanation is relatively simple, it does express the tiller handle’s primary function, which is steering.

Outboard motors are an essential part of any boat, and if you have an outboard motor, then it’s likely that you’ll want to use it as often as possible. However, there are many parts and pieces involved in using an outboard motor that can make things tricky for the typical boater. One such item is a tiller handle—an attachment that allows you to steer with your hands instead of leaning over the transom or sitting on top of the boat itself! Here the given conversation is a complete guide about “Do I need a tiller handle for my outboard?”. Let’s join the informative session.

A Tiller Handle – A handheld Lever Used To Steer Outboards

A tiller handle is a handheld lever used to steer outboards. Tiller handles are most commonly used on small-to-medium-sized boats that have engines designed for less power and torque than larger vessels with more powerful engines. The handles can also be used in place of wheels, which makes them easier to manage when it comes to steering tight turns or turning around in shallow water without getting stuck on rocks or other obstacles.

The benefits of using a tiller handle include:

More hands-on control over the boat without having to use both hands at once (which would be difficult for some people). This could mean being able to steer better while holding onto other things like groceries from shore instead of having one hand free up front where there’s nothing else happening except steering!

Which is superior: the steering wheel or the tiller handle?

A tiller handle will improve your motor’s ability to steer. Many boaters are used to controlling a boat using a steering wheel, but a tiller typically gives you greater control. Boat tiller handles are typically used to control smaller outboard motors, but we are now seeing them on more powerful engines. On engines with 115 horsepower and more, Mercury Marine really provides their newest tiller handle.

Tiller handles have advanced significantly in terms of comfort and control. In more recent versions, the boater can choose to have the shift handle on either side of the tiller and to have the rotation of the control grip reversed. Through an auto tilt lock mechanism, boaters may also change the handle’s vertical angle. The most recent Mercury tiller even incorporates Mercury Troll Control, which enables the boater to adjust exact trolling speeds by pressing a button to accelerate or decelerate in 10 rpm steps. A separate option is an Integrated Engine Warning Display, which provides both visual and audio alerts for engine oil, temperature, electrical, and fault conditions. For chilly weather, you may also choose a heated grip with three heat settings. PartsVu is a leading boat parts company – the team is ready to consult you in case of any buying and repairing boat problems.

Tiller Handles – Useful for Smaller Boats 

Tiller handles are particularly useful for smaller boats with less room on their transom. If your boat has a small transom, you’ll want to make sure that your tiller handle offers enough leverage and control so you can easily operate the rudder.

The weight of the outboard engine is typically distributed by placing it under the seat in front of your feet. This means there isn’t much space between your legs and the engine itself—and since most people aren’t tall enough to stand up straight while operating an outboard, they end up leaning over too far while steering their vessel through rough waters or streams (which may cause injury). A tiller handle allows them to stay upright without having to lean so far forward that they lose control over their craft altogether!

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Good for people who like a more hand – approach to steering their vessels

They are also good for people who like a more hands-on approach to the steering of their vessels. For example, if you have small boats with less room on their transom, a tiller handle can be used with them. However, larger boats do not need them as much because they will have other controls on board such as an engine governor or an electronic throttle lever that can be used instead of using the tiller handle alone.

Tiller handles are very useful for smaller boats, but they can also be used on larger boats if you prefer a more hands-on approach to steering. PartsVu is a leading boat accessories company that provides the best tiller handles for long-lasting use. Tiller handles are often found on outboards—but they can be fitted to inboards as well!


Tiller handles are a great way to extend the reach of your outboard motor and make it easier to maneuver. They can be used on both small and larger boats, but they’re most commonly found on smaller ones. If you want more control over your boat, or if you enjoy working with your hands, then a tiller handle might be right for you!

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