NFTs Changing How The Gaming Business Work!

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Gaming is dear to many. This is not unnatural but with the hype that it is receiving and all the gamers and streamers the entire market has been flourishing. However, there was a genre of gaming that was quite unreliable and not trusted by many because playing that was the same as gambling. So it did not do well at least in the begging, It picked up the pace and introduced several other games, and while a lot of skepticism still surrounds it people still play. P2E games are games that use real money that is converted to digital money and then used for games like rummy, Dream11, and so on. But that’s, ‘s not what’s important NFTs started coming in and that changed the entire gaming domain forever. NFT gaming made gaming a profitable venture and allowed people to make a living out of playing and not streaming and that too from the very comfort of their homes.

So with all that being said, several gaming companies have started to focus on this domain as well. This might not pan that well for old-school gaming companies, but those willing to adapt and change will undoubtedly see an increase in their user base, and that for sure isn’t something that can be achieved through luck.

The Era Of Change 

Gaming has always been the same, it involved a medium to display what was being done, and it has continuously evolved, the quality of character, the kins the weapons, and the game packs were all incredible but there was one flaw to say many. Old-school gaming was usually generic and stale, which meant that the plot was repetitive and repeated and the gamer’s comments and requests are invalid. Apart from this NFTs being implemented means that this game becomes something that has to be handling DAOs. This does usually sit well with several companies because they prefer to be at the help of control and they also don’t choose to include NFTs because there is no room for secrecy. So while all this is quite advantageous to the users and the gamers, it puts the companies at a huge disadvantage. That being said NFTs do solve a lot of storage-related issues and the company will also be to create its marketplace where the items and skins and whatnot can be sold.

This involvement of DAOs also meant that gamers would get to experience things that they initially wanted to. There would be a change of plot and a different storyline for each character because of them being NFTs and so much more. In addition to that, the skins and the weapons would have a set exclusivity as they cannot be the same and cannot have the same abilities either. This not only allows the users to explore different storylines but also has some diversity that wasn’t available earlier. This cannot be done with the old fashion games because of several different reasons but primarily it is the fact that creating several different storylines would require more time consumption which equates to more work and more work adds more value. So if the value were raised so would the game cost which would in turn reduce the overall purchases and affect the company’s revenue stream.

More On Gaming Companies

Gaming companies, often make use of franchises to boost their sales. This is basically because they already have a game that has a mass audience so they try to build up on that and build more variation and upgrade that very video game. The classic examples are the god of war and the assassin’s creed. These 2 games kept getting released with slight changes in the story plot but the incredible difference when it came to graphic quality. The same goes for the god of war, from being a single menace to all those gods that were tyrants to becoming a father who shed blood for his son who was right by his side. These 2 games show us that the gaming industry is reluctant to make a dive into a new domain where they don’t have as much control as they used to.

However, they cannot necessarily change the fact that Web3, the Metaverse, and the blockchain are the future of the world. Whether the gaming companies like it or not it will inevitably become the future of gaming and pretty much any changes and corrections made on the internet. Despite all that it is quite something to see that several gaming companies have realized the potential and are trying to venture into the unknown. 

In Conclusion 

NFT games and NFT gaming is the future and while several gaming companies are skeptical some have decided to make an effort to change their old-school methods. Will the other game be considered duds? No, but with the incredible benefits that the NFT domain brings it will be hard for the other games to compete.

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