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Finally, after reviewing the original Oofos Flip Flops and the Oofos Boots, I come to the Oofos Clogs. In order to keep your feet healthy while you’re not jogging, you should consider investing in a pair of Oofos rather than any other type of boots or sandals.


Oofos was founded in 2011 by a group of people active in the 1970s and ’80s running shoe boom. It was determined that “recovery footwear” was required.

When it comes to running, many of us have the proper footwear, but what about other activities? Oofos clogs reviews Although Oofos weren’t “made especially for nurses,” its initial concept of a shoe with an emphasis on shock absorption is well-suited to the requirements of healthcare professionals.

In spite of their superficial resemblance to a wide variety of clogs, boots, and sandals, Oofos are designed with comfort and recuperation in mind. Discount available on Oofos coupon code.


To answer some of the inquiries I’ve received, this is how Oofos is used: Oofos clogs reviews Do you recommend Oofos Clogs? Can you count on comfort and support when wearing Oofos? Can’t you wear those Oofos clogs throughout town?

Simply said, Oofos are fine, and their support is unwavering. They’re not “just for runners”; in fact, everyone from nurses to those recovering from injuries may get something from them. Oofos is an excellent option if you require a supportive shoe or if you walk a lot on hard terrain. They provide far more stability than the average blockage. Whether or whether you’re a runner, your feet need to be well-supported.

  • Compared to conventional footwear, OOfoam® technology can absorb 37% more impact.
  • The unique shape of the foot bed relieves pressure from the legs, feet, and knees.
  • Most closed-cell foams may be cleaned in a washing machine and are designed to be odor-resistant.


There are no half sizes in Oofos clogs. Oofos clogs reviews You’ll have to experiment to find out what suits you. Casually, I wear a size 10 in women’s shoes. For both the Oofos Sandals and the Oofos Clogs, a size 10 works just fine.

There’s no need to stress about whether or not the size will be right since Oofos has a free 30-day return policy.


The revolutionary OOfoam® technology used in Oofos clogs absorbs 37% more impact than conventional footwear foam materials, easing pressure on your feet and other body parts. These will feel good beneath your feet on a trip to the market or just a stroll around the home.


I’ve put around 30 miles on my feet in Oofos Clogs doing errands and living my life, and they’re still going strong. Although they are not ideal for more strenuous activities (such as hiking over a sand dune), they will suffice for day-to-day use. I no longer feel unstable when navigating city roadways.


Dressier Sport Clogs come in three colors. Oofos clogs reviews I went for closed-toe since I reside in the Pacific Northwest and wanted my foot covered. Simple, good-looking shoe. Its glossy finish is meant to give it a mixed-use impression.

 The upper has a ghosted-out OO logo. But it’s not a leather clog. Instead, it’s lightweight, waterproof, and toe box-soft.


It’s forceful but structured. The inner medial near your arch has the most cushioning. This little increase in material appears to put enough pressure on your foot to relieve lower leg discomfort, at least for me.

Oofos clogs reviews They’re not fancy, and I question the “wear them out” claim, but they’re perfect for casual occasions. They’re basic, yet their design facilitates healing.

 I could go through a lot of them, but I just wear them for 30 to 45 minutes after a run or bike. They don’t have a soft inner and the exterior is plastic, yet they’re comfortable.


As I close this up, I realize how much the OOFOS Sport Clog has become a part of my routine. I’d gravitate to them after a run of any duration. My shoes came off and I wore clogs. During the following 30 minutes or more, I felt the muscular tightness ease.

Same for riding. I’d wear the clogs with socks before a ride, then put them back on afterward since they were accessible and felt comfortable.


  • Lightweight and comfy. My feet don’t pain after a day of standing. It’s like having “cashier carpets” on your feet.
  • My feet don’t sweat with socks on. Without socks, my feet perspire heavily.
  • Excellent grip. I’ve worn them in camping showers, on a boat, and in a professional kitchen.
  • Classy, versatile. Cleaner lines and a narrower toe box make them work- and play-friendly. I wear them for work and camping.


  • Slow shipping and these sneakers arrived in 2 weeks and weren’t backordered. Fair enough, delivery is free, however FedEx should be quicker. Order these shoes early for a vacation.
  • Website size chart seems incorrect. Women’s footwear runs small. 9s order 10s.


Oofos clogs reviews The “look” is the only real complaint people have about clogs. Putting on a pair of Oofos won’t earn you any style points, but if you need a supportive pair of clogs, you won’t find a better option.

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Even though Oofos were developed for use during and after running and recovery, their supportive design and comfort make them a great choice for everyone.