Paithani Saree & 7 Ways to Dress Up 

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Paithani Sarees are the mainstay of any Maharashtrian wedding trousseau. These style tips can help you make the bride look royal and make them look stunning!

Now referred to as Queen of Silks the sarees at one time synonymous with elegance and elegance. Paithani sarees and blouses are available in nine and six yards, but what makes them unique is the way they weave them.

Because of the innovative design the saree appears identical from both sides. In contrast to other silk sarees this one doesn’t have a silky feel even after decades in wear. It is made from naturally dyed threads. They are available in a wide range of gorgeous shades, including blue, yellow, red blue, and peach to add a touch of elegance to Maratha brides.

The paisley designs are incorporated all over the body. Particular attention is given for the pallu and border. On the traditional sarees, you will see motifs like parrots, peacocks, lotus and vines. Other typical designs include traditional Indian instruments like tabla, shehnai and so on. Paithani Sarees are precious antique pieces handed down from one generation to the next.

It goes without that they are usually priced high, based on the fineness and quality of the saree. When it is about bridesmaid Paithani sarees, each is made by hand using threads and stones made of genuine silver and gold.

If you’ve also purchased this saree as a component of your wedding trousseau, or you’re looking forward to wearing it at your wedding day, make sure you don’t miss out on these tips for styling.

Draping Styles

Similar to any saree, the draping style can define or ruin the style of the Paithani also. In the case of the draping of a Paithani saree, particularly one for bridal wear, there is a variety of styles of draping. The most popular fashions of draping are:

  • Traditional Nauvari Draping of a saree
  • Peshwai Nauvari sarees draping
  • Contemporary Marathi draped sarees,
  • Contemporary Marathi Dhoti sarees draping.

You can wear these sarees with the traditional styles of the open and pleated pallus as well. They are available in designer ready-to-wear concepts as well.

Blouse Designs

The choice of blouses is an ideal option to dress your sarees. When choosing the style of blouse to wear with your Paithani sarees, pay attention to aspects like that back as well as the sleeves.

The blouse fabric that is included in the saree gives you a traditional look however, you could also opt for more modern fabrics, like georgette or net. You can also play around with the necklines first by looking at how you plan to wear your saree, and the next step is to determine which neckline will best complement it.

Modern Twist

Modernity will not only add a unique element to your style but attracts younger brides. The greatest part is that you do not require any effort to achieve this. Modern fabrics, like georgette, lace, net and modern necklines like off-shoulder or cold shoulder can make your saree look modern in no time.

Other options to add a contemporary touch in your Paithani saree style are wearing a belt with a metallic finish or putting the net dupatta and putting it on your head.

Makeup is Important

Weddings and makeup are commonplace in India. Makeup can highlight your beauty, making the attire appear more attractive. To emphasize the highlights of your luxurious and luxurious silk sarees, choose styles of makeup that are subtle. Because these sarees are very luxurious and beautiful, you should take a few things in your head.

Bright lips and bold eyes. Simple makeup for the base with sparkling eyes and cheeks with rosy hues are a few combinations that can be used by everyone. Make sure your makeup isn’t too subtle or unattractive, or else it won’t be able to match the glamor of your wedding dress.

Hairstyling and Accessories

Hairstyles are a major element of bridal style and the overall styling of the saree is a fantastic method to tie your entire appearance. When picking a hairstyle to wear with the Paithani saree, keep in mind its elegance and richness.

Alongside the many classy buns, you can also choose hairstyles that are intricate, like braids or open hairstyles with more volume. Accessories add to the elegance of these sarees. So, you can pick among a range of genuine flowers, hair gems with ornamental designs, gold jewelry, etc.

Right Footwear

The correct pair of shoes will not only keep your feet comfy for a long time but also makes the saree to drape more attractively. The first thing to do is ensure that you select your shoes keeping the drape fashion of the dress in your mind.

Then, put on the same shoe when getting your saree put on to look at factors like the length of your saree and its pallu. The most popular and appropriate options for Paithani sarees are high-heeled sandals with glitter wedge heels, metallic stilettos.

It is also possible to get a wedding or a pair of decorative Mojaris If you don’t like wearing flat shoes to your wedding.

Jewelry Picks

They’re so beautiful that finding the ideal jewelry that is in line with their style can be a daunting task. But, it is important to pay attention to this aspect. Traditional Marathi Mulgis prefer to choose jewelry made of pearl or gold to match their Paithanis. Items like those of the Nath, Lakshmi haar and green bangles are important jewelry. If you want, you can select diamond jewelry without cutting as well as mix it up to create modern bridal style.

Other important items are Mundavlya (pearl braids for the front) along with Vaki (armlet). The majority of Marathi brides like dressing up in the tradition-based nine yards of luxury for their special day in order to honor and show respect for their traditions.

Simple , yet elegant These sarees are incredibly flexible in terms of drape and styling , and that’s the reason they’re still preferred by modern brides, too. If you’re also looking for the most beautiful Paithani gown for your bridal trousseau, particularly for your wedding day, make sure you make sure to bookmark these guidelines to create a stunning bridal style.