Planning For Bathroom Remodelling? All You Need To Know Before You Decision

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Based on your family’s demand, lifestyle and budget it is vital for you to plan ahead. You can have your dream bathroom with modern amenities by amalgamating the right style and fixtures. Custom mirrors, glass door, partitions will make the dream of a modern bathroom a reality. If you are looking for glass partitions, bathroom cubicle in Delhi NCR gets in touch with Satkartar Glass Solutions. We will meet you demands with our range of, bathroom cubicle, office glass partition, internal glass partition, sliding glass partition, and modular glass partition customized and catered to your needs

Some of the factors to be considered before remodeling your bathroom are

Bathroom Layout

A perfect bathroom layout is the one which keeps in mind about all the fixtures.

  • A separate toilet area from the rest of the room divided by a glass partition
  • Ensuring sumptuous space between shower and bathtub
  • Cabinet or shelves placed at an accessible place
  • Integrated vanity with wash basin and storage space. Keep in mind the height of vanity is extremely crucial


Wood ceramic and vinyl tiles are good options for bathroom flooring.  Avoid large tiles for medium sized bathrooms.  Consider options of tiles with easy maintenance and the ones with better friction to avoid accidental falls.


  • Ensure appropriate lighting for your daily needs. Dark esthetics requires more lighting and lighter esthetics require lesser lighting. Also lights should be installed such that it should not reflect the shadow of fixtures
  • Consider creative backsplash preferably ties or marble overall bathroom layout


You have the option of creating a bathroom with a few thousand rupees to spending extravagant amount in crores. Honestly, there is no upper limit on desires and the market does provide you with the fixtures of all range. Hence, it is crucial to form a budget. A visit from an expert is always recommended. He will visit the premises and calculate the per foot area and will take your requirement into consideration. All the sanitary fittings, tiles, pipes etc will be taken into consideration. He will then provide you with a rough estimate as to how much will the work cost. It will be your decision whether to concentrate on the quality or the budget.

Glass Work

Perhaps the most important thing you will need in your bathroom are glass partitions. A glass cubicle can work wonders for bathroom esthetics. You can also consider sliding door partitions or even a single door partition whichever suits your style. Glass partitions helps make your bathroom looks bigger and neater. There is comparison on how it makes bathroom looks sleeker, modern and elegant. Also glass partition can be customized with properties of durable and ease of cleaning

Under no circumstance you should consider a Do-It –Yourself job. Whether it is building a bathroom from a scratch to renovating an old bathroom you should realize it is a capital intensive process. It has very little scope of correction in the future. We are a single phone call away and aims to build your bathroom the way you have dreamt of and that too in an affordable price. We have an extensive catalogue with a spectrum of ideation and knowledge of the latest technology for you to choose from and of course our experts will guide you which material fits best at what corner. Satkartar Glass Solutions provides both framed and frameless glass partitions and bathroom cubicles in Delhi and NCR for residential and commercial purposes. Feel free to contact us for any suggestions you might need regarding glass partitions and how to plan a customized layout according to your premises.

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