PlayStation 5: everything you need to know about the next Sony console 2023!

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Sony’s next console is set to launch later this year, ps5 console, and it should bring changes far beyond better graphics.

With launch so close, we already have a lot of information about Sony’s new console, so we’ll be collecting everything we already know about the PS5 here.

What to expect from PlayStation 5

playstation 5

The PS5 design is quite different from its predecessors (Image: Sony)

In a virtual event on June 11, Sony released the first official images of the new console, which will be something different from the company’s other video games. These differences already begin in the design, which abandons the straight shapes of the company’s previous consoles and delivers a more “modern” design, with curves and rounded corners.

The reason behind this new design could be a change in the way Sony envisioned the use of the console: while the other video games in the PlayStation line were designed to be used in a “lying” way, the trailer for the PlayStation 5 makes it clear that the console was designed to be used “standing up”. But don’t worry: the company has already made it clear that, like all other PlayStations, the PS5 will work normally both lying down and standing up, and it’s up to the user to decide how they will position the console.

Another interesting thing is the size of the device: according to the measurement specifications published by Sony, the PlayStation 5 will be the largest console ever released in the company’s history, surpassing even the first version of the PlayStation 3, nicknamed “fat” ( “fat” in Portuguese) due to its large size.

ps5 size comparison

Comparing the dimensions, it’s clear that PlayStation 5 will be the biggest console ever released by Sony (Image: Reddit)

In addition, it is also confirmed that the PlayStation 5 will be launched in the market with two different versions: the PlayStation 5 or PlayStation 5 Digital Edition 🇧🇷 The only difference between the two will be that the Digital Edition model will not have a disc player, which means that people who buy this version of the console will only have access to the games in digital format (those purchased through the PlayStation Store) and will not be able to play games on physical media.

Another major change to the architecture of the PS5 that users should quickly notice is the use of an SSD storage device instead of a standard HDD. The main advantage of migrating to SSD is a higher speed of reading files, which in practice will make the “loading” screens (“loading” in Portuguese) of the games much faster. 

This is one of the main selling points of the PlayStation 5 from last year, when the company had yet to reveal what the console would look like and was only talking about it behind closed doors. In a private presentation that took place early last year — and which was made public after one of the participants illegally recorded what was shown and posted it online — you can clearly see how it will affect the use of the SSD. the loading screens, with a Spider-Man game map transition taking 8 seconds to load on PS4 Pro and taking less than a second to execute on PlayStation 5.

According to Sony, this loading speed can end up varying from game to game, but the average load times on the PS5 are eighteen times smaller compared to the PS4. Using the SSD will also affect other areas outside of gaming and will also make game installations and updates much faster.

Regarding storage capacity, the technical specifications of the console say that this custom PlayStation 5 SSD will be able to store up to 825 GB of information, ps5 price in Bangladesh, more than the 500 GB present in the first released version of PlayStation 4.

Another important point that must receive modifications is control. As with the console itself, the first clear change is in the design, which abandons what the company had maintained since the first PlayStation and opts for a more ergonomic design (and which looks a bit like the Xbox One controller), but keeping the characteristic of the two analog sticks placed parallel to each other.

new sony ps5 controller

The PS5 controller layout is slightly similar to the current Xbox One controller (Image: Sony)

Due to this design change, Sony is also changing the name of its controller. So instead of being called DualShock 5 as expected, the company decided to christen the PlayStation 5 controller Dualense .

In addition :

to a new name and design, the Dualense will also have some improvements over the current DualShock 4 (the PlayStation 4 controller). One of these changes will be the introduction of haptic feedback technology (“tactile feedback” in free translation), which will cause the control trigger buttons (L2 and R2) to become “lighter” or “heavier” depending on the action being performed. in the game.

This technology would allow, for example, when playing The Last of Us , the R2 button (which in the game is used to shoot with the weapon carried by the character) fires the pistol with a light touch, but if the user tries to use the bow , it will need to be pressed hard enough for the weapon to work (emulating the fact that, in real life, it takes quite a bit of effort to pull a bowstring).

Another novelty in DualSense will be the incorporation of a microphone integrated into the controller itself, in addition to maintaining its own speaker (something that already exists in the PS4 controller). this will make PlayStation 5 a great video game for those who like to play online, as it will allow audio chat communication even for those who do not have headphones to connect to the console.

A third change is the replacement of the “Share” button, present on the PS4 controller, with the “Create” button. Sony has yet to explain what the difference between the two buttons will be, but rumors are circulating that “Create” would introduce some video editing tools to the features already present in “Share”, allowing content creators to go beyond just posting. their games faster as well as do some basic video editing right from the console itself.

We can also expect:

of course, improvements in terms of the graphic quality of the PlayStation 5 compared to the PS4 (also because that is the main reason for launching a new console), but a very good and little commented point is the fact that The PS5 already comes standard with 3D audio technology, which will allow the user to get an idea of ​​the direction of the audio regardless of the type of sound output they are using. For example, if in-game someone to the left of your character is speaking to you, the sound will sound like it’s coming from the left side of where the player is in the real world. 

On PlayStation 4, this type of audio is only possible in video games connected to home theaters or professional headphones, but the PlayStation 5 will allow even those who are using the speakers of a “basicón” TV to experience the same sensation.

In terms of graphic quality, the PlayStation 5 promises a new revolution in what we experience within a game. This may not yet be seen in the game trailers shown so far, but it is clear in a video from Epic Games from May of this year that shows the full potential of Unreal Engine 5 working in real time in the new video game. from sony.