Plus Size Formal Dresses: Embrace Your Curves

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For a long time, plus size women have been left out of the conversation when it comes to formal wear. But not anymore! The fashion industry has finally begun to embrace the curves of larger women, and there’s no reason why they shouldn’t look and feel fabulous in formal dresses. In this blog post, we will explore the world of Plus Size Formal Dresses and show you how to rock them with confidence.

The Importance of a Perfect Fit

When it comes to formal wear, the most important factor is the fit. A perfectly fitting dress can flatter your curves and make you feel like a million bucks. Plus size women often struggle to find dresses that fit them perfectly, but fret not! Many brands, including Norma Reed, offer plus size dresses that are designed to fit and flatter larger women. When shopping for a formal dress, make sure to pay attention to the sizing charts and measurements provided by the brand to ensure a perfect fit.

Styles that Work Best for Plus Size Women

The style of the dress you choose can also make a big difference in how it looks on your body. Plus size women often look great in A-line dresses, as they cinch in at the waist and flare out over the hips, creating an hourglass shape. Another great option is a fit-and-flare dress, which is similar to an A-line but with a more fitted waist. Wrap dresses are also a great choice for plus size women, as they create a flattering V-neckline and cinch in at the waist.

Accessorizing Your Plus Size Formal Dress

Once you’ve found the perfect plus size formal dress, it’s time to accessorize! Jewelry, shoes, and a clutch can all add the finishing touches to your look. When it comes to jewelry, choose pieces that are proportional to your body size. Avoid chunky pieces that can overwhelm your frame. When it comes to shoes, opt for a pair with a lower heel that is comfortable enough to wear all night. And finally, choose a clutch that is large enough to hold all your essentials but not too big that it distracts from your dress.


Gone are the days when plus size women had to settle for frumpy, ill-fitting formal wear. With brands like Norma Reed catering to the plus size market, there are now plenty of options for larger women to choose from. Remember, the key to looking and feeling great in a formal dress is all about the fit, the style, and the accessories. So go forth and embrace your curves with confidence!

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