Pottstown man headed to prison for ties to gun

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Chicago Tribune/TNS/Brian Casella Bob Morgan in the State Capitol in Springfield, Illinois, on January 10, 2023, following the approval of a firearms law that forbade assault weapons and large-capacity.
Illinois’ SPRINGFIELD — A comprehensive bill that supporters referred to as one of the nation’s toughest bans on military-style firearms was signed into law by Governor J.B. Spritzer on Tuesday night.

The delivery, sale, or purchase of large-capacity ammunition magazines with more than 10 rounds for long weapons and 15 rounds for pistols is also outlawed immediately under the new law. Large-capacity magazines can only be possessed by existing owners as of April 10 on private property, at a shooting range or a sporting event, or at a federally registered gun dealer for repairs. A $1,000 fee will be assessed for violations. used guns for sale

A government that is utterly out of control

” he declared, “is a government that is unfettered, a government that is determined to reject our Constitution.” You are welcome to dictate anything you want from this chair today. It’s possible that the political tides are on your side right now. The law, the Constitution, and the foundational principles are on our side, so I can assure you that we won’t cooperate and that you won’t do a thing about it.

According to state Representative Mike Zale ski, a Riverside Democrat who sponsored the legislation, “If the Bears are deciding to go to Arlington Heights they cannot go to the state and say give us some money out of the closure fund to accomplish it.” “I believe they will continue to look at other forms of assistance. What that will look like at the subsequent General Assembly is unknown to me.

Prosecutors identified Davies Smith, 23

Of the 800 block of Smith Street in Norristown as one of the organization’s “masterminds,” and he was given a 20–40 year jail sentence. This sentence was added to the 4- to 8-year prison term Smith was already serving for other robbery-related offences stemming from his use of a pistol in an armed robbery in Pottstown in September 2018.

In essence, Smith is incarcerated for a total of 24 to 48 years for all of his crimes. According to a criminal complaint submitted by county Detective Jeffrey Koch, Montgomery Township Detective Todd Walter, and state police Trooper Brian Kendra, “One illegal purchasing spree perpetrated by members of this group generated nine firearms in eight days.” This criminal group’s goal was to obtain and distribute numerous guns to others through illicit means. used guns for sale