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If you are looking for custom candle boxes, you may wonder how to get the best one for your brand. Fortunately, there are several methods of achieving a custom design. Some of these include hot foil stamping, Paperboard, and Corrugated cardboard. You can also choose to have your own images printed.

Brand Promotion

Custom candle boxes are a great way to show off your brand’s name and logo. You can choose from elegant forms and ornamental effects to enhance your design. To prevent wax drips, choose a box made of durable materials. You can also choose from matte or premium finishes. These finishes will enhance the appearance of your boxes while still protecting them from the elements.

Candle labels are another important aspect. Candle boxes wholesale need to be strong enough to withstand the heat. They also need to be attractive enough to stay with the candle. You can also choose from a variety of shapes so that your label will be just right.


When you need to ship your custom candle boxes, you’ll need durable materials that will keep them safe during shipping. There are several materials to choose from, including corrugated cardboard, thick cardstock, and thin cardstock. These materials will help protect your candles from impact and jostling during stacking and loading. They’re also more affordable than plastic packaging. Shipping costs depend on the weight of the merchandise, so choosing a sturdy material will save you money in the long run.

The right custom-printed box can make a big difference in the way your products are perceived. Whether you’re packaging candles as a gift or a party favor, the right box can play a significant role in promoting your brand. It also gives you the opportunity to include decorative details, like ribbons, artificial flowers, and other accessories.

Corrugated cardboard

Corrugated cardboard is a great option for custom candle boxes because it’s cheap and customizable. Unlike paper, corrugated cardboard is built to last and withstand multiple handling during transit. The interior of the box can be designed to match the brand of the candles. It is recyclable and durable enough to ship internationally.

Using custom candle packaging boxes is a cheap marketing tool and can help you build brand awareness. You can use a wraparound logo or color schemes that complement your brand. You can also make your candles stand out by printing relevant information on them.

Hot foil stamping

Hot foil stamping adds a touch of luxury to candle labels and boxes. This process applies a layer of metallic foil to the paper to create a mirror-like effect. There are a variety of foil colors and finishes to choose from. Whether you are creating a special edition candle or a custom edition, hot foil stamping can create an elegant, subtle look.

Hot foil stamping on candle packaging boxes creates a mirror-like effect and is an attractive addition to custom-made or standard candles. It is best to order a sample to ensure you get the desired effect before ordering a large number of custom candle packaging boxes.


Custom candle boxes can be a great way to market candles while promoting a green lifestyle. Printed on recycled paperboard, these boxes are easily recyclable and are perfect for gifting candles. They can be designed with different types of designs and can accommodate candles without bending. The best part about these boxes is that they’re also very affordable.

To make custom candle packaging boxes even more eco-friendly, use corrugated cardboard. This material is durable and can handle a lot of weight. It can also be laminated for extra protection. Additionally, a glossy coating can be applied to the box to protect the candlelight inside. That will keep the candle’s scent and color from fading during shipping.


Custom packaging boxes are a great way to show off your candles and capture the attention of your customers. Choose from a variety of colors, designs, and embellishments to make your candles look beautiful. You can also use embossing and UV printing to add a special touch. Both methods utilize heat to raise images or text and are perfect for holiday scents or promotional items.

Choose a sturdy material for your custom candle boxes. Cardstock is durable and can double as a shipping box. You can also get a metallic finish or cut-outs to enhance your product.

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