Python Frameworks and Their Real-World Usage

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Why should you go for Python? Python is a language that has gained astonishing popularity in the industry within a very less span of time after the magical touch from Google. With the unladed swallow project, the speed of the technology has increased around two to three times. As a result, it is often preferred for a large-scale software application that needs high power and speed from the core of the language. Well in the 21st century we can’t ignore the importance of the web domain and providentially Python is highly elastic in developing enterprise standard web solutions. Web applications demanding more speed and power can be achieved with Python extract human names from text. All types of data driven web applications can be developed in Python with maximum power and potential. In fact, Python is extremely popular among web developers due to its unmatched excellence and performance along with a few highly competent Python frameworks. Let us discuss the top Python frameworks in the industry.

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DJango framework: This is probably the most famous Python web framework in the industry. Django is extremely powerful and was developed by Jason Sole and Jason McLaughlin. It was implemented for the first time in a job portal to ensure its effectiveness. Later on, it was released for everyone and received an overwhelming response in the industry. This is the largest Python-based web framework in the industry and hence comes with extraordinary power and features for Python developers. There is a huge support community for this framework who are working 24×7 to provide support to others. It has the most influential admin interface for the top-level control of any large-scale web application. Practically this framework is extremely useful AWS S3 upload and download file using Python in rising online forums, portals and other social networking sites. It is also tremendously popular in developing quick web solutions with maximum efficiency and minimum effort.

Flask: Flask is a microframework developed in Python having a strange background. It was the result of an April fool surprise from an intelligent Python developer in India. Mr. PradeepGowda challenged his colleague to develop a single file micro framework in Python and he succeeded in the same and gifted it to his friend as the April fool surprise. Well, this is not as powerful as that Django but it can be used for a reasonable size of Python web application development projects. It is best suitable for beginners who want to learn Python and start coding in less time span. It creates a voracious thirst among Python developers to trial the framework. It is often used in small web development that too within a low budget and limited time frame. Hence it has received a good word-of-mouth response from the industry since its inception.

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Pyramid: Pyramid is yet another awesome Python development framework having extraordinary flexibility to serve a wide range of web applications. It is also powered by git center and hence there is no fear of support. It is the combination of pylons 1.0 and repose.bfg. It is growing in a much faster pace in the community due to its flexible nature. Practically it is helpful for mounting enterprise standard API Python projects and creating Python-based CMS or KMS.

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