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All dentists, doctors and other professionals in the field of health are required to issue an invoice, the feeor notula in order to carry the following actions:

The sale of items purchased during the course of the business. For example, the selling an ultrasound device or furniture, dental unit computers, etc. These transactions are exempted pursuant to the art. 10 no. 27- inquires, if VAT was not deducted from them at the date of purchase. If not, they are subject to VAT normal at 22 percent. If VAT on purchases is deducted partially, the invoice has to be issued, partially exempt, and the other part with the normal rate.

RCM healthcare services aren’t typical of the typical activities performed. Like appraisals for the legality, insurance consulting insurance certificates, and providing study partners with access to the equipment used in classes.

What are the Benefits of Hospitalization and Treatment?

Particularly it is crucial to clarify what, in the context of exemptions, what’s defined by hospitalization and treatment services . They include accommodation, assistance with diagnosis and treatment as well as the administration of medication, food aids, and health care. This is important because the provision of more comfort in hotels. comfort(such as a single-room TV, a single room, etc.) are considered to be services within the VAT rules. The delivery of these services is subject to the application of a 10 percent rate. This applies if the service is offered to patients in hospitals except when they are necessary in order to meet the therapeutic goals of the patient. The same services can be used to meet the VAT standard rate if provided to non-hospitalized patients. For instance it is the companions.

Hospitalization And Care Services For I Va Purposes

RCM Healthcare services for hospitalization and medical treatment are VAT-free in accordance with article 10 and. 19 in Presidential Decree no. 633/72. These are services that are provided both on an outpatient as well as an inpatient basis by the following individuals:

Mutual aid society that has legal status and spa establishments, nursing homes, hospitals, and clinics that in accordance with the agreements signed by the local authorities, use rates that are comparable to those imposed by public entities;

Services for instruction courses;

  • Legal certificates issued to insurance companies
  • Services not aimed at the individual, for instance the ones provided by veterinarians;
  • Medical-legal advice on the state of health of individuals who are seeking to recognize the disability or war pension
  • Coroners’ services as technical consultants , when they are required to quantify damages in legal disputes or to calculate insurance premiums;
  • In the end, chiropractic services are provided by chiropractors.

Illegal Health Care Services

Dental, paramedical and medical services, when executed in a shady way, and therefore not having the professional qualification requirements are tax-deductible in VAT terms . This is due to the fact that the circumstances are the regulations of article 10 18 n. 18, of the Presidential Decree Nr. 633/72.

VAT-Exempt RCM Healthcare Services

These are:

  • The services provided by surgeons, doctors, and dentists
  • Services that are geared towards the treatment, diagnosis as well as rehabilitation for biologists as well as psychologists;
  • Different accreditations and certifications. Medical billing procedures for cosmetic surgery (only when the procedure is suited to therapeutic needs). Occupational medicine and sports medicine;
  • Services provided by radiological laboratories and clinical and medical analysis labs;
  • Medical visits for fiscal purposes for the benefit in the name of INPS as well as Inail.

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