Rectangle mac user guide for macbook

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The Rectangle Mac app is available for download in DMG format. Once downloaded, double-click the DMG file and choose “Install.” To uninstall, select “Eject” from the shortcut menu. This app comes in both free and Pro versions. You can download a free trial version for ten days to see how the program works.

What is the rectangle mac app?

Rectangle Mac is a free application that allows you to organize and resize your windows. It also includes shortcuts that make it easy to drag windows from one position to another. You can also customize the shortcuts for different window sizes and movements. This app is a significant productivity enhancement and can help you get more done in a shorter amount of time.

You can download Rectangle for free and install it for a trial period of ten days. After this time, you can purchase a license and continue using it. You can uninstall the application using the dedicated uninstaller in /Applications/. Follow the prompts to confirm the process. If you like the application, you can reinstall it by following the same steps.

The Rectangle can move windows to corners or snap them to the screen’s borders. This tool lets you assign custom keyboard shortcuts to windows and save their positions. You can also connect up to six external monitors to your Mac to make it more productive.

Shortcut keys and snap area details

One of the great features of the Rectangle Mac application is its ability to use snap areas. These are space areas around an application that you can drag to the edge of the screen, making work more accessible. The app is free and uses iCloud to sync your settings. It allows you to move windows around the net quickly.

Another feature is the O snap. With this, you can easily select an object’s position, such as the center of a circle, the center of a line, or two points of a line. This feature is handy if you want to align objects as accurately as possible.

The Rectangle is compatible with all versions of Mac OS. It also syncs with your iCloud account and works with any screen size. It offers a free trial that lets you try the app for ten days. You can pay for a Pro version if you’re satisfied with its functionality.

How to use the rectangle App?

The Rectangle app for Mac is a handy tool for managing windows. It allows you to quickly move windows to the corner of the screen and snap multiple windows together with just a single command. It also offers advanced features, such as keyboard shortcuts and customizable global shortcuts. You can customize the shortcuts to move the window to a different position.

To remove the Rectangle app from your Mac, you need to access the Library folder and delete any files it may have left behind. It might also contain application support files, caches, and preferences. If you want to remove Rectangle from your Mac, you can use a particular application uninstaller.

The Rectangle app comes in the form of a DMG file. Double-clicking the app’s DMG file opens the application window. It will also appear as a shortcut in the Applications folder. If you decide to uninstall Rectangle, you can also follow the uninstall instructions in the download package.

Rectangle app snap areas

Snap Areas is a feature in the Rectangle app for Mac. It lets you resize and move windows by snatching to their edges or corners. It is easy to use and can make life easier for the Mac user. The application has sixteen different window sizes and keyboard shortcuts for moving and resizing windows. It even lets you customize which shortcuts you want to use.

The Rectangle Mac app comes as a DMG file found in the Applications folder. Double-clicking the file will install the app. To remove it, choose “Eject” from the shortcut menu. The Rectangle app comes in free and paid versions. Before purchasing the paid version, download the free trial version.

Another option is to use a dedicated uninstaller. You can find this tool on the developer’s website. It works by finding the Rectangle icon in your menu bar.

Why Rectangle mac os app is the best?

The Rectangle is a valuable window manager for Mac users, with various keyboard shortcuts and customizable layouts. It also syncs with your iCloud account. However, there are some drawbacks to Rectangle, too. Even though it’s easy to use and has adequate functionalities, it’s not perfect.

The Rectangle is a window management app for Mac that is made in Swift. It automatically moves windows to the corner of your screen. It also offers keyboard commands to resize and rearrange windows. The Rectangle is especially helpful if you have many open windows. The app is also beneficial when you work with multiple users.

Another advantage of Rectangle is its snapping capabilities. Most window managers can only snap left or right. However, the application enables more traditional window snapping and is available for both Apple Silicon and Intel devices.

Best methods to manage windows on a MacBook

The Rectangle app lets you manage windows on your Mac in various ways. You can drag windows to corners or edges. It also gives you a preview of where a command will send the window. You can learn how to use the different controls in Rectangle by looking at the icons.

This window management app is free and does a variety of other tasks as well. You can assign keyboard shortcuts to move the focused window to the next or previous desktop. It also offers a paid version for those who want additional functionality. It can also drag windows to adjacent desktops when executed multiple times.

The Rectangle is a simple, customizable window manager app for Mac. It includes keyboard shortcuts and syncs with iCloud. This app is excellent for multi-users and makes it easy to organize your open applications. The app can handle several monitors, making working with multiple users easier. It also allows you to drag windows to the edges of your screen, arranged at two-thirds or a quarter of the screen.

How to install Rectangle Mac App

If you are looking for a Mac app to snap windows in macOS, Rectangle is the one for you. However, if you want to uninstall Rectangle properly, you may have to delete a few files from your Mac first. This is because Rectangle stores some support files, caches, and preferences on your Mac. Therefore, uninstalling the app manually can be a time-consuming process. A more effective way is to use an automatic uninstaller to remove Rectangle from your Mac.

The Rectangle is an open-source window manager for the Mac that offers a great set of functionalities. The application also provides custom keyboard shortcuts to quickly resize windows and snap them to the screen edge. This will save you from having to memorize keyboard shortcuts. You can even change the default keyboard shortcuts to fit your preference.

The Rectangle is similar to Magnet on Windows and is free. Unlike Magnet, this app is more advanced and provides more options. It is also more complex. A key feature of Rectangle is the snipping tool, which can be activated by pressing Shift+Command+5 on the keyboard.


The Rectangle is an open-source window management tool for Mac that provides a variety of functionality. Its menu bar icon offers 14 main options, and it can make windows smaller or maximize their height. The application also supports keyboard shortcuts and can be customized to include additional functionality. While this application is designed to be a beginner-friendly solution, experienced users might want to consider a paid solution.

The app is free and open-source. Rectangle allows you to drag and drop the app window to the desired location, showing the window’s outlines. There are no ads inside the app, and the app does not store any information about its users. However, you agree to the app’s Terms of Use and Privacy Policy by downloading the app.

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