Renting An Apartment In Qatar

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While Qatar has opened up areas of its market for foreigners to purchase property, the majority of expats prefer renting. Three-quarters of the population – most expats – lease houses and apartments. About 60% of homes in the country are available for rental to residential tenants.

Living in a rental in Qatar is expensive. According to a study, an average household living abroad spends more than one-third of their income on rental. But, the less expensive costs of utilities (water electric, power and gas) can offset rental costs to a significant extent. If you are concerned about money, it may be best to avoid the lure of acquiring the villa and go to rent an apartment.


The rental process for Qatar is fast and efficient However, you must be sure that you have the necessary documentation in order. The majority of rental agreements are annual and include strict guidelines on what you should and shouldn’t do. Be sure to read the contract thoroughly and look for the important details! There are likely to be many (or at the very least certain) and possibly geared towards the landlord. Therefore, an ideal approach is to clarify any doubts and write down your expectations upfront. For example, is the property’s facilities pet-friendly? Are guests able to stay with you? This will prevent any confusion later.

The majority of rental properties require that you provide post-dated checks throughout the term of your lease prior to when you can move into. But don’t fret, this is the way the market operates and they’re not trying to single you out. Be sure to keep in mind that this country is an Islamic country, so you must adhere to certain rules. For instance, you’ll need to be married to get a rental property as a couple in Qatar


If you’re thinking about renting a home in Qatar there are plenty of choices. The villa lifestyle, for instance, that comes with a variety of amenities and communal living, is attractive for those with a large family. But there are plenty of choices to look through before making an informed choice. It’s best to take into consideration issues such as the cost of living, location accessibility, conveniences, and the proximity to your workplace and school.


  • Villas that are part of compounded homes: They include gates, small gardens, as well as common areas for activities such as community centres and supermarkets, pools and playgrounds. Perfect for families with children.
  • Villas that stand alone: These are significantly larger, and come with bigger gardens and separate swimming pools. Of course, they are higher in cost than any other type of rental accommodation.
  • Apartments There are one, two or three-bedroomed, as well as four-bedroomed units and you are able to pick one that suits your requirements. Studio apartments are great to single professional. A majority of apartment complexes include a common lobby as well as a gym and pool, unless you’re looking at older structures.
  • Serviced apartments: Many expats opt for these apartments for the initial few months to find a regular housing. These are based with the same principles similar to other countries in the world. They include room service and housekeeping. Sometimes the buffet breakfast is included in the daily rate. It is possible to hire them for a few days, weeks or even for months.

Except for services-based apartments, the other kinds of accommodations are in a semi-furnished, furnished or furnished. Pick your preferred. Semi-furnished homes have furniture such as curtains, carpets and white items (a TV usually is there as well). Air conditioning is a common feature in every form. If you decide to rent an apartment with furnishings, be sure you advise your landlord of what you want and don’t need prior to signing the “dotted line. As an example, for instance, you might need basic tableware provided. Keep in mind that renting a furnished apartment in Qatar is at least 1,000 riyals more costly, therefore, many think that investing in their own furniture is more advantageous over the long term.


The most well-known method to locate a home that is available for rental in Qatar is to contact licensed agents. There are websites which provide various choices and with a variety of budgets. Sections of classifieds in newspapers (both printed as well as on the internet) will also provide useful listings. They will also have agents contact numbers; you can arrange a meeting with them via making a call. The majority of agents also are involved in a huge number of properties. So, even if the property you saw online isn’t the way you expected, you could request for the representative to take you around other areas.

Sometimes, you’ll discover a property that is listed direct by its owner meaning you don’t need the expense of paying an agent’s fee. In addition, ask your office if they’ve any properties in their area or the contact details of agents or landlords.

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