Ruinsara lake trek

ruinsara lake
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Who in the world doesn’t appreciate nature’s beauty? We all have the enthusiasm to feel nature and make it a part of our life to make life more exciting.Trekking is about challenging yourself in nature and also it has excellent benefits. Trekking improves Fitness, reduces Stress, improves Cardiovascular Strength, Cultural Understanding and last but not least A good Mental Health that every human needs to get.So what’s the wait for? Let’s explore the popular Har ki Dun- Ruinsara Lake Trek which is surrounded with great beauty. The trek is full of surprises and an eye can also visit pangarchulla trek.

Ruinsara Lake Trek:

This trek is moderate to easy trek. All we need is 7 days to complete the trek. This trek is about 62 kms distance, 17,975 feet altitude and located near Sankri village which is situated in Uttarkashi District, Uttarakhand.


The trek spreads towards the Supin River Valley Which is well known for its name Har ki Dun means God’s Valley.The trek is part of Govind National Park Sanctuary that has some beautiful forests. 

Best Time to visit:

Visit during summer.

Complete Guide Of Staying For a Week: 

The journey begins from Dehradun and ends at Dehradun. A total 7 days guide.

DAY 1:  Dehradun To Sankri 

The distance is 187 Kms and takes about 7 to 8 hours through roadways.

If we leave Dehradun early in the morning we can reach Sankri by evening. After we cross Netwar Checkpost we reach Govind Pashu National Park. For the night, we can stay in any guest house nearby or in camps.

DAY 2: Sankri to Seema

The next day after breakfast we started from Sankri to Taluka. It is a One hour drive with a road full of bumps. After the drive we have to trek for around 5 to 6 hours which is a distance of 14 kms. The trek starts from taluka on a stony path. The walk is beside the Supin river and shed by walnut, pines and other trees. The walk is very pleasant. We can also see nearby villagers passing on the way. 

After a few hours we can see Gangad village towards the left across the river. We reached Osla village after about a one hour walk. Seema is opposite the river from Osla. We either set camp here or stay in a hut with villagers there.

DAY 3: Seema to Roiltia or water camp

On this day, There’s a valley along the Ton river. We continue along the valley. After some moments, we walked through a beautiful forest and visited Kalanag which is straight ahead in the valley. We camp beside a river which is close to the waterfall.

DAY 4: Roiltia to Ruinsara lake & back to water camp

We climbed up into the Ruinsara valley. Ruinsara lake – a lovely lake surrounded by meadows as well as bushes.This is a sacred lake for the local people. We stayed in camps for the night. 

We enjoyed some time near the lake and continued from there. By afternoon after 8 kms trek in 5 hours we returned to the waterfall campsite. Unfortunately, there’s no camp facility near the lake because of its fragile nature.

DAY 5: Water camp to Devsu Bhugyal

On this day, we trekked about 10 km for around 4 hours which was a great experience and very comfortable. It is really comfortable because we head back on the same route. After we arrived Devsu Bughyal which is full of great hills on one side and pine trees on the other. It is really a heartwarming experience with beautiful scenery.

DAY 6: Devsu Bhugyal to Taluka and Drive to Sankri

It’s the last trekking day and we already had a great experience. We trekked about a distance of 17 kms around 6 to 7 hours but overall comfortable. We started the day early and trekked through Seema, Gangad village and ultimately reached Taluka before evening. We went by vehicle to Sankri and stayed in the Guest house for that night. The sleep is great by recollecting all the adventures, fun and experience we did from the last 6 days.

DAY 7: Sankri to Dehradun

On this day, We started from Sankri to reach Dehradun by roadways. It took 7 to 8 hours and about a distance of 187 kms. After reaching Dehradun in the evening we stayed the night over there. Some Trekkers chose to move further to Tapovan or Rishikesh for more exciting end to this journey.

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