Sharon Deflorio Offers Autumn Outfit Ideas to Try Out in Autumn

Autumn Outfit
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Summer dressing is all about lightweight dresses and sandals. But as the summer bids goodbye and autumn comes close, one needs to explore clever layering solutions and fall outfit ideas.

Sharon Deflorio mentions that the autumn dress-up style offers countless opportunities for fresh combinations. One can even look stunning when stressed casually in the fall.  This time of the year is also perfect for wearing amazing transitional accessories, including chunky ankle boots and classic trench coats.

Sharon Deflorio discusses a few pointers on dressing up for Autumn

During autumn, one should wear pieces that they can layer up and peel off just at a moment’s notice. Reworked classics like a trench coat can be fitted seamlessly into the existing wardrobe for the fall. Trench coats and jackets are the go-to outerwear for this season. A trench coat can be paired beautifully with denim, clogs, and any good tee

Slow mornings and heading out for brunch is the fall tradition for many. It marks a relaxing weekend, and an excuse to visit new places and explore new menus. The outfits of a person should reflect the leisurely pace of autumn days. An ideal fall brunch outfit is casual, yet smart. Streamlined vintage-wash denim jeans, a stylish tee, a polished loafer, and a wear-anywhere coat can be a great outfit choice. Ditsy floral prints also work well for autumn brunches. Even though floral dresses are majorly associated with summer and spring, one can simply pair them up with a good jacket to create a great look. Instead of large abstract varieties, it is better to wear dresses featuring smaller floral prints. These dresses can be a good way to add a bit of pattern and print into a fall wardrobe. The most prominent styles of fall floral dresses are maxi and mini lengths.

Sharon Deflorio points out that autumn is the ideal time to bring out stylish, formal pieces for work. A lot of people prefer to dress up more casually in the summer to beat the heat. But autumn and winters are definitely perfect for serious formal wear.

One should wear sharp blazers with statement skirts and heeled boots to work during the fall. With a tailored fit and sharp line, this look will be ideal for any important work meeting.  Black and blues should be the go-to hues for formal wear. These two can form the foundation of a fashion-meets-work wardrobe and can be updated with seasonal prints and colors each year.

Adopting a vintage look is a key trend that one can try out during the fall. The 60s and 70s are the most popular decades to try out. Many fashion influencers and bloggers have been embracing these styles recently.

Hence, now is a great time to embrace the retro persona. For a 60s look, it will be smart to pair a darker-colored dress with white boots and a beret. While the dress can be of any color, burgundy, beige, brown and orange are the most preferable ones. Chunky earrings and bold eyeliner will look great with such an outfit.

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