4 Perks of Getting All-Inclusive Hajj Packages

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The basis of Islam is based on 5 Pillars, and the Hajj is one of those Pillars. It obligated all Muslim men and women to visit Makkah to perform Hajj. Hajj is the longest act of worship which starts in Makkah and goes through different rituals to complete the worship. The obligation of Hajj has certain criteria because traveling for Hajj is very expensive and it also takes a lot of physical effort so Muslims who can afford all the expenses of traveling and offering Hajj and are also physically fit, must perform Hajj at least once in their life. Masjid-al-Haram is the Holiest place for Muslims and it is located in Makkah. Muslims have to travel all the way to Saudi Arabia to perform Hajj. Traveling from one country to the other country is expensive, and it is also very hectic to complete the whole procedure. Muslims can hire travel agencies that can sort out everything for them. Travel agencies bring different packages which have different facilities, you can choose the package depending on your budget. Shifting Hajj packages from Muslims Holy Travel are the best option to choose from, it offers different facilities and is also budget-friendly. These packages allow you to travel to Makkah, offer Hajj, fulfill your dream, and complete the important obligation of being a Muslim.

Flights Included

It is very easy to travel for Hajj for Muslims who are living in Saudi Arabia. They can travel through cities and reach Makkah. But for Muslims who live in a different part of the world outside of Saudi Arabia, it is quite difficult and expensive for them to travel from their home country to Saudi Arabia. Muslims have to travel by airline to reach their beautiful destination. There are a bunch of airlines that offer direct flights and indirect flights to Saudi Arabia. Getting all-inclusive Hajj packages allows travel agencies to arrange flights for you. They will also arrange a return flight in advance, so you don’t have to worry about anything. Since travel agencies have taken care of bookings, you can focus on the spiritual side of the journey.


Hajj takes you through different places to perform specific rituals to complete Hajj. A lot of physical and mental strength goes into performing the Hajj. That is why it is important that the place where you stay during the night must be good, comfortable, and also low in price so you can afford them. Choosing all-inclusive Hajj packages also gives you the facility of affordable accommodation in Makkah and Madinah. Travel agencies will find and book the best hotels for you with fully furnished rooms, with the availability of the internet and delicious food. All the facilities of accommodation will be included in these packages, which allow you to spend a comfortable time there.

Complete Guidance

Without a doubt, Hajj is a spiritually peaceful journey, which is a dream of every Muslim. All Muslims want to visit Allah’s beautiful house to perform Hajj. The one who gets the opportunity to visit Makkah to perform Hajj is considered very lucky and blessed. When you are traveling for the first time for Hajj, you can get confused very easily as you have to go through lots of procedures, and when the Hajj starts there are different rituals that you have to perform to complete the Hajj. Basically, you need complete guidance and all-inclusive Hajj packages offer you complete guidance from travel agencies. These packages allow you to attend Hajj Seminars, which guide you through all the steps of performing Hajj. Travel agencies also give you support throughout your journey, so you can perform Hajj without being worried about stuff you don’t know.

Spiritual Perks

All-inclusive Hajj packages allow you to travel to Saudi Arabia and perform Hajj, which is considered to be the greatest journey of your life. Hajj has so many benefits for Muslims in this world and also in Akhirah. Going for Hajj gives Muslims the opportunity to become guests of Allah, and Allah opens the doors of blessings and forgiveness for all these Muslims. Muslims can do good deeds while there in Makkah and perform an act of worship to seek forgiveness. Performing Hajj wipes out all the previous sins, and reminds Muslims about the reality of the world and the importance of the Akhirah. Hajj also takes you closer to Allah, and towards the right path in your life.


All-inclusive Hajj packages include all the facilities and make your journey hassle-free. When you choose these packages, travel agencies make all the arrangements for you. They book your flight including the return flight. They take care of your accommodation and also support you during the Hajj. Muslims will also get complete guidance about all the rituals of completing Hajj. These packages allow you to fulfill your long-lasting dream and let you complete the important pillar of Islam.

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