Outstand Brand with Packing of Branded Shirts in Custom Shirt Boxes

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Are you selling magnificent branded shirts in mediocre packaging? It’s time to bring originality to shirt packaging. Nowadays, clothing brands are emerging in the market. Do you want to get lead in this uncertain environment. the only solution is to modify the packaging of apparel products.  You can customize the shirt boxes wholesale in whatever size, color, and material you want with the guidance of our experts. Choose a shirt box with a logo to set apart the collection of your luxurious branded shirts.

Custom Shirt Boxes in Diverse Styles and Sizes:

Are you running a unisex apparel brand and selling shirts for each group of people? Your answer is affirmative. Then it becomes mandatory to customize the box size following the dimensions of the shirts. An infant’s shirt will need a smaller box than a teenager’s. Do you have reservations about the box’s design? Do you find it difficult to customize an accurately sized and shaped box? Don’t worry. We have got your back. Our team of manufacturers consists of highly skilled designers with years of experience and know-how to construct a 100% customer satisfaction box. Hence, we manufacture the following types of custom t shirt packaging

  1. Two-piece box
  2. Mailer box
  3. Two-piece box with die-cuts
  4. Subscription box
  5. Belly band packaging
  6. Tray and sleeve packaging

Looking for Green Packaging? Choose Climate-Friendly Bath Bomb Boxes:

Are you eco-friendly and wish to make positive steps toward reducing carbon emissions? You can take the initiative through your brand by choosing green packaging. You can buy our custom-printed shirt boxes. These are made of 100% climate-friendly kraft, cardboard, and rigid material. Kraft and cardboard boxes are commonly used due to their cost-effectiveness and durability. Kraft brown paper is the most preferred choice as it is organic and entirely recyclable. Rigid boxes are used for specified purposes. You can use rigid paper to prepare the box for gifts or promotions. Besides material, we also make use of climate-friendly printing inks and laminations.

Enhance the Worth of the Brand with Custom Printed Shirt Boxes:

Shirt packaging can be made more creative and classier with printed boxes. Undoubtedly, a box designed with multi-color prints looks very alluring. It can enchant customers at first sight.  You can get top-quality printed shirt boxes at iCustomBoxes. Our printing machines and methods are of advanced quality and result in remarkable prints.   Our advanced quality printing methods include:

  • Offset printing method
  • Digital printing method
  • Screen printing

In addition, you can add sparkle to shirt packaging with multi-color prints. We usually include two color models, CMYK and PMS. You have the freedom to decide whatever suits your budget needs.

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Add Elegance and Value to Products with Die Cut Shirt Boxes:

Shirts come in various fabrics, such as linen, woolen, cotton, and silk. Each shirt has a distinct size and print design. It’s obvious for clients to look into the box to view the shirts before buying. You can make the buying experience easy and memorable for the buyers with a die-cut design box. Usually, Two-piece and display shirt boxes are designed with see-through windows. When customers visit the shop, a custom shirt box with display windows provides a complete view of the shirt. Subsequently, buyers become free from the trouble of unboxing. They can easily decide they must buy shirts in what fabric and design.

How to Customize a Subscription Box for Shirt Packaging?

Nowadays, subscription boxes are in trend for promotional purposes. Companies deliver their brand’s products to celebrities packed in subscription boxes as gifts and giveaways. These boxes give a very classy look.  So how to craft a personalized subscription shirt box?  You can choose a mailer box with double walls and manufacture it with corrugated material. The corrugated box with sturdy flutes adds strength to the box and assists in safe shipping. We suggest you print a box with the logo design for the brand’s marketing or add tag lines or information related to your appeal brand.  There are some add-ons like foil stamping, gloss finish, and embossing. You can apply them to make prints more vibrant and dazzling. We suggest you foil stamp the logo image for the upliftment of the design.

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