Shisha Lounge: Expressing The Art Of Shisha Catering

Shisha Catering Service
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Shisha catering is a foreign but straightforward concept. Instead of having Shisha bars with physical locations, why not have Shisha catered? From the perspective of a business owner, Shisha catering makes a lot of sense. 

There is significantly less cleaning, Shisha maintenance, etc., for Shisha online Dubai. In addition, this would be an excellent way to add flavor to your existing business components and spice up business.

If you market your catering business effectively, you could significantly increase your revenue through Shisha catering Dubai. Catering as a business grew significantly amidst COVID, as many Shisha venues were closed indefinitely, leaving a large segment of Shisha enthusiasts without their hobby or passion. 

To effectively serve this market, you must cater to private and business functions, provided that doing so is consistent with your licensing. In this article, we will cover two aspects:

  • Understanding The Concept Of Shisha Catering
  • Factors To Consider For Shisha Catering Dubai

Understanding The Concept Of Shisha Catering

Shisha catering is a reasonably simple concept: catering to Shisha and sharing unforgettable smoking experiences in the same manner as restaurants. Perhaps you believe that Shisha bars will have this covered, but a few doubt they will be the same post-COVID. 

We do not believe this to be the case, which is why this is an excellent solution for smoke shops to utilize as an offshoot of their services and feasibly utilize unused resources. 

This is a fantastic opportunity for young adults and Shisha enthusiasts, as it can be utilized for personal and professional gatherings. Imagine weddings, birthdays, commencements, and private clubs. The list is exhaustive.

When overhead costs are accounted for, Shisha brands are profitable, mainly if you are a huge brand. The task of assembling a small crew to load/unload, set up, maintain, and clean the Shishas would not be difficult, nor would the cost be high. 

In addition to providing Shisha devices and coals, caterers must also consider several essential factors.

Factors To Consider For Shisha Catering Dubai


This differs from state to state, as tobacco-related laws constantly evolve nationwide. Shisha catering is a comparatively new business venture, so there are no special licensing requirements for Shisha catering in the state of Georgia. 

Registration and status as a standard business or S-Corporation are required. The law requires business owners to hold a business permit or tax registration in Atlanta. In addition, a DBA “Doing Business As” Trade Firm Name Registration is required in Cobb County. 

If you offer taxable items, such as tobacco, you will be required to obtain a seller’s permit. Lastly, an EIN is necessary if you plan to hire employees or use them as an offshoot of your current business.

Stepping Into The Market

There are numerous ideas regarding Shisha catering; we have a few to kick-start your Shisha catering journey! We recommend on-site Shisha rentals or flat-rate event catering as the best beginnings.

First, you can check out Shisha rentals on-site. This is the situation in which you and your team would commute to a venue, lounge, or location to provide your services. This would be governed by the amount the venue, lounge, or location owner prefers to charge you per night or whether they intend to take a proportion of your sales. 

This is comparable to purchasing a $14 beer at a carnival so that you can charge significantly more than at a local Shisha lounge. However, in this case, the market is already provided, and you clearly know your target audience. 

Therefore, it would be advantageous for a new owner of Shisha catering to conduct research and determine which areas and clubs may work best to develop a brand and spread your name.

Flavor-Rich Menu

Before agreeing to Shisha catering, ensure that you or your partners have a knack for identifying the appropriate flavors, or the Shisha online Dubai you hire must possess this knowledge. Exploring the menu and selecting flavors is half the fun of smoking shisha, and the options are limitless. 

Ensure that your Shisha bar provides a fantastic selection of tobacco flavors, including fruits, mints, and florals. This will make the process more enjoyable for your diverse customer base and encourage them to try all flavors listed on your menu. 

Enable customers to add flavored water or ice to their Shisha or opt for cocktail mixes for even greater customization. Indicate the most popular or recommended menu items to assist novice smokers.

Trained Staff

Employees are almost always the most invaluable asset in the service industry. Particularly in Shisha catering services that involve Shisha setups and coal refills in addition to food and beverage service, it is imperative to employ attentive, knowledgeable wait staff that is well-versed with the device setup, is a thorough mixologist, and can speak several languages. 

Most Shisha lounges rely on repeat customers and seasoned Shisha smokers, so it is crucial to have staff skilled at establishing rapport and knowledge about Shisha.

Flavored Tea

Serving alcohol is not mandatory in your lounge. However, starting a Shisha lounge — or any establishment that serves alcohol — can present obstacles in terms of licensing age restrictions and safety. 

Tea is a trendy beverage served at Shisha lounges. According to seasoned Shisha smokers, tea probably keeps your throat smooth and significantly improves the taste of tobacco. Mint and jasmine are two of the most popular flavors accompanying Shisha with tea.

Comfortable Ambiance

Shisha smoking is a very social and relaxing activity, so design your lounge accordingly. Common themes for interior design include Middle Eastern, Bohemian, and Egyptian. 

Consider a space with dark walls, colorful furnishings, tapestries, mixed patterns, and ornate accents. Customers are more likely to order additional food and beverages the longer they remain in a restaurant with dim lighting, comfortable seating, and pillows. 

Since most customers visit in groups, they offer circular tables and intimate booths for smoking. As a result, you will have difficulty convincing them to leave.

If possible, provide an outdoor smoking option. With fresh air, improved ventilation, and a more expansive atmosphere, back patios are fantastic spots that allow customers to smoke comfortably. 

You can arrange a few tables on the storefront for effective space utilization. If the weather is clear, the outdoor option will be enough to attract customers to your venue.

Final Touch

Your customers may visit to taste good Shisha flavors. However, the ambiance and service are driving factors that’ll tempt them to spend a few more hours than they intended to spend at your lounge.

Hence, ensure that you offer your customers good flavors, ambiance, and services.