Sia security training Request, deposit, and endowment of ammunition

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The security companies can request, at any date, the authorization for the acquisition of the ammunition they need, both for the shooting exercises and staffing, as well as for the qualification tests of the aspiring personnel.

The cartridges must be deposited at the headquarters of the sia security training in hounslow in safes suitable for it or in places that meet the proper security conditions, in the opinion of the Comptroller of Weapons and Explosives of the Civil Guard.

Companies must keep a record book of ammunition registrations and withdrawals, numbered and stamped by the Weapons Intervention.

Each sia security training in hounslow can request the following ammunition:

  • Shooting exercises:
  • Shotgun: 50 annual cartridges per shooter.
  • Carbine: 75 annual cartridges per shooter.
  • Pistol: 75 annual cartridges per shooter.
  • Revolver: 75 annual cartridges per shooter.

Weapons not awarded for the service: 10 annual cartridges per weapon.

For each shooter with a negative result (for carrying out the recovery exercise) and for each shooter with provisional withdrawal of the weapons license, companies can request the same cartridges as for the annual total of the corresponding weapon, distributed as follows:

  • A complete qualification exercise.
  • Rest of ammunition for training.
  • For tests to obtain a type C weapons license: 50 cartridges per applicant.
  • Statutory endowment: 25 cartridges per weapon.
  • Companies can round these amounts provided that at the end of the annual exercises the total ammunition surplus does not exceed 200 cartridges of each caliber.

In the shooting exercises, the cartridges provided with the regulation weapons will be used, these being exchanged for as many of those that have been acquired for the shooting exercises.

Annual calendar and company requests

In the month of January of each year, at the provincial level, the Civil Guard Commands will draw up the annual calendar of biannual and quarterly shooting exercises, so that private security companies can schedule the dates for carrying out the exercises. Mandatory firing exercises of your staff.

Once the calendar is known, companies can request the appropriate places for their staff at least ten days before the start of the period of shooting exercises. Exceptionally, for justified reasons, requests of this type may be accepted after the established period.

In the request for dates they will include the places, their own or others, that they propose for the realization of the exercises of their personnel.


Both in shooting galleries and in duly authorized fields, the health services of the companies will necessarily attend, to attend in the first instance and later evacuate, if necessary, to the assistants in case of any accident that could occur .

If the companies do not have their own health service, they will manage their presence, charged to their budget, before the organizations or entities they deem appropriate.

sia security training in hounslow |Exercise to perform and consumption

  • The exercises to be carried out by the private security guards will be the following:
  • Security guards
  • Short weapon: 4-inch 38-caliber revolver
  • First semester: 
  • aiming shot:
  • 3 shots (one series) test.
  • 24 shots (4 series of 6) scoring.

instinctive shot:

  • 4 shots (2 series of 2) test.
  • 6 shots (3 series of 2) scoring.
  • Total: 37 cartridges.

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