Silk Pillowcases Versus Cotton Pillowcases

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Silk and cotton are two fabrics widely used for clothing, bedding and other accessories. Both fabrics have their pros and cons, and both fabrics have their features and characteristics. The fabric you use for bedding greatly impacts your health, and you should consider the health benefits of the fabric when you buy bedding. 

Let us read about each fabric in detail and understand whether a silk pillowcase or cotton pillowcase is better for your overall well-being. Certain aspects should be considered when choosing between silk and cotton bedding. 

Cotton or Silk Pillowcases?

  1. Allergen-Free – Silk sheets have hypoallergenic properties. Silk naturally resists fungi, moulds, bacteria, and dust mites. Silk wicks away moisture, and the fabric does not get wet. Wet fabrics can be the breeding grounds for bacteria like cotton as it absorbs moisture and remains wet for a long time. Therefore, silk is no doubt an excellent option for people prone to allergies and people with sensitive skin. 
  2. Material – Silk has a smooth and soft touch, and the skin glides over the fabric freely as it has minimum friction. Silk bedding allows you to have a comfortable sleep as opposed to cotton fabric, which has friction and tugs and pulls at your hair and skin while you move in your sleep. Moreover, silk is more durable than cotton and has a natural sheen that gives it an elite look. 
  3. Care – Silk might appear to be a delicate fabric, but it is durable and can be resistant to several factors that might cause damage to other fabrics. This factor ensures that silk pillowcases last longer than cotton pillowcases, which only requires a little extra care and maintenance. Silk is an excellent choice as it needs less washing and remains fresh for a long duration. 
  4. Temperature Regulating – Silk has temperature-regulating properties. It acts as a layer of warm air between you and the external environment, keeping you warm in the winter months and emitting excess heat during the summers. Silk lets you sleep comfortably all year round by maintaining an optimal body temperature, and such benefits are missing in the case of cotton. 
  5. Cost – Silk is more costly than cotton as it is a luxurious and delicate fabric. Silk is a good investment when looked at from a long-term perspective. 

Best Quality Silk Pillowcases

If you are wondering where to buy silk pillowcases from? Do not worry; we have found a reliable brand known as Mayfairsilk that manufactures high-quality silk pillowcases. They have won multiple awards such as ‘Most Outstanding Bedding Store 2022- London by Business Elite Awards. They utilize the best quality of silk, the 6A grade in 25 momme, to provide the pillowcases with the ideal weight and touch. The silk is OEKO – Tex Standard 100 Certified, ensuring that all strands are free from toxic chemicals. They are expanding and establishing themselves as one of the trusted silk sheet and pillowcase brands in the USA and the Middle East. 
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